Monster (2024) Ending Explained – Does Murni kill Alana and Rabin? Do the cops save the kids?

Monster Plot Summary

The film opens with a middle-aged man kidnapping a young middle schooler named Rabin. When his friend Alana goes looking for Rabin, the man kidnaps her too and takes the two kids to a remote cottage. He takes Rabin inside and ties him up.

Alana manages to untie herself and tries to escape from the garage. However, she remembers that Rabin is still inside and goes into the cottage. There, she manages to sneak around and finds a room where the man used to take photos of the school boys that he kidnapped and killed.

What happens when Alana goes inside the cottage?

Inside, Alana finds the dead body of a young boy and gets further worried about Rabin. She sneaks around the house and tries to attack the man. Eventually, she manages to kill the guy and tries to find a way to escape with Rabin.

Much to Alana’s surprise, the man’s accomplice – Murni shows up at the house. While Murni goes around looking for his partner, Alana manages to drag the man’s body outside the cottage. She also finds a phone line and connects it to a phone to call the cops.

What does Murni do to the cop?

Murni is on to Alana and tries to chase her down when a cop shows up. The cop finds something suspicious in the house and tries to look around. Alana alerts the cop about Rabin but when the cop goes upstairs to look for him, Murni kills the guy.

She chases after Alana but the latter manages to attack her and knock her out. Alana frees Rabin and the two kids try to escape the cottage. However, Murni wakes up and stops them from leaving the garage.

Do Alana and Rabin escape?

The kids get inside the police vehicle outside and alert the cops. Meanwhile, Murni shows up and tries to enter the car. The kids lock themselves inside the police car. Murni breaks the windshield and tries to grab the kids when Alana disengages the parking brake.

The car rolls backwards down the road and hits a curb, causing Murni to fall. The kids exit the car and Alana grabs her bicycle. She takes Rabin on the bicycle and they try to escape but Murni follows them in her car. The kids fall off the bike and Alana is injured. They try to run through the forest but Murni continues to chase them down.

How does Monster end?

Alana and Rabin pass through a shallow water body. Murni’s car breaks down and she is not able to catch them. The next morning, Alana and Rabin try to make their way through the water body when Rabin’s foot gets caught between two stones.

Alana tries to help him free his foot but Murni shows up there. She is about to kill the kids with an axe when she is shot dead. The film ends with the cops taking the two kids back home.


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