Money Game – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Sale

Picking up where it left off from before, Money Game returns for a follow-up episode to last week’s cliffhanger, as the disciplinary hearing makes its decision and our two protagonists find themselves in very different situations. The heavy financial debating continues and with a lot of talk around the economy and banking deals, it’s clear by now that Money Game is a show tailored toward a very specific demographic. Having said that, the acting is good but at times the story relies heavily on elements like the BIS Ratio Report or economic forecasts and unless you’re clued in to the effects these have, Money Game may not have the full effect it intends to.

The episode begins with Yi-Hun rushing into the disciplinary hearing and admitting that it was him who took the ratio report and showed it to the press. One of Yi-Hun’s friends, Sang-Min from the FSC arrives but it’s too late – Yi-Hun admits to everything. As he leaves, he tells the pair that he needs to go to the police station and wishes Hye-Joon well. Outside in his car, Sang-Min asks Yi-Hun if he knows what he’s getting himself in for before driving off.

Yi-Hun makes his way to the police station and fills out a written confession, admitting everything, as the officer tells him once he signs they can start the investigation. However, despite filling the forms out the police force him to stay in the holding cells until the investigation is over. Heo meanwhile sits and stews over Yi-Hun’s words, deciding to have dinner with the influential members of the board. However, one of them happens to be a reporter. Despite her objections and interjecting on Heo’s analogy, the Chairman continues to speak his part, discussing idealism and his thoughts for where the bank should go from here. As he does, we cut back and forth to Yi-Hun sitting in the cell stewing over his situation, muttering that Heo’s failed and has to take responsibility.

The BIS Ratio Report is brought up again during Heo’s speech, prompting him to turn to the reporters and stare at them square in the eye, unblinking, as he tells them there was no error. At Jungin Bank, Hye-Joon heads into the office with the Director and mentions the BIS Ratio again, this time bringing up the situation with Bahama and spilling the truth that she was the one who took the report. She pleads with him to help, unable to accept Yi-Hun is an innocent man taking the fall for her.

That evening a secret meeting is held with Eugene, Shannon and the members of the bank. Eugene mentions that they need to bring in another 20% of outside sources to oversee the sale. As they mention the shareholders not being happy with this decision, Eugene stands up and mentions the Government hold the cards.

As they adjourn temporarily, Shannon speaks to Eugene and they debate over how to handle the Outside Director situation. Finally coming to an agreement, they begin negotiations again where the Bahama branch request 50%. The Director speaks up and tells them he can’t accept what they’re doing, given Bahama intend to take the firm and restructure it before selling it on. Eugene plays his trump card though and tells them he could just withdraw his investment… leading Heo to call his bluff, encouraging him to leave.

In private, Eugene and Heo discuss the terms and he gives him his final offer- 2 years. Breaking the stalemate, the pair head back into the room and accept outside Directors from Bahama to push through the deal they’ve made. With the bank on the brink of suicide, the Director tries in vain to change Heo’s opinion. Heo however, heads in to see Yi-Hun while he sits in the cell, telling him he shouldn’t have interfered before leaving things on an ominous note.

In the morning, Yi-Hun gets dressed and returns home where he talks about why he stood up for Hye-Joon, consequently labeling himself as a whistle-blower in the process. With the case now going to trial, he tells his lawyer to be ready. Meanwhile, Hye-Joo receives a text from the Director asking to meet in order to tell the truth about the BIS Ratio Report. While her guardians discuss the chicken shop (with Soo-Ho contemplating juggling stocks), Hye-Joo is driven up to the private meeting spot but as she approaches, a body drops to the floor from a high balcony – the Director is barely conscious and lying in a heap on the floor. Did he fall? Or was he pushed?

With another dramatic ending and a further attempted murder on the cards, Money Game is a show that feels like it’s at odds with the best way to proceed with its story. On the one hand, large parts of this show are dominated by complicated banking and economic talks, with a story surrounding a banking take-over and the subsequent hysteria surrounding that.

At the same time there’s the issue of Heo killing the Professor in the opening episode and now another body (that he may or may not be involved with) dropping from the balcony. It all feels a little superficial and an attempt to try and inject some excitement into the show. Much like Black Dog though, TvN’s niche drama will appeal to some but whether it’ll keep people sticking around for the long-haul remains to be seen.


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