Money Game – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Ratio Report

Money Game is certainly an intriguing Korean drama and one of those shows that will definitely find an audience. Whether it’s as wide-spread and accessible as some of the other dramas on TV right now remains to be seen but Money Game has just enough about its story to keep you coming back for more.

Episode 3 of Money Game begins with Yu-Hin rushing in to see the Bank President and informing him that the BIS Ratio is different and that the figures have been manipulated. Despite him brushing aside these concerns, Joon-Pyo arrives for the press conference we saw last episode.

While the public are informed about the ratio being 6.12 rather than 9.3, Hye-Joon watches on, wide-eyed and confused over why the public are being lied to. Yu-Hin is called into the Inspection Office by Gwang-Min where he’s accused of lobbying and liaising with Jaeyoung Bank. As he’s shown his report he sent Heo earlier in the series, the inspector tells him unless he can prove he’s innocent, he will be prosecuted.

In New York, Eugene Han takes control of the American branch of the bank and speaks to the President of Sumar surrounding funds. He pleads with him for help but he simply tells the President that his life is in his hands and leaves. Although we don’t see much of this character, there’s certainly a lot of possibility for this guy to shake things up.

Back in Korea, a labour strike threatens to disrupt the status quo and during the negotiation meeting, Heo stands firm and loses his temper, accusing the workers of taking a bribe and causing a ruckus which make things worse. He tells his associates that the negotiation is a sham and leaves with chaos descending over the room. As he sits in his car, eggs are thrown at the windows while the Inspector phones and tells him the audit is complete.

At the financial services commission, the Audit comes back and it turns out JaeYoung Bank have helped uncover a bribery in the ranks. Only, it’s not actually Yu-Hin that’s the culprit, it’s Director Kook. It turns out the bank was blackmailing Kook and this explains just why he was messing with the numbers. It’s here we cut back in time and see that Gwang-Min liaised with Yu-Hin and suggested looking into Heo’s guys. Back at the meeting, Kook is prosecuted as Chairman Heo storms out the room.

While Joon-Pyo and Kyung-Min head out and drink in a karaoke bar, talking about keeping Yi-Hun in check, back at work Hye-Yoon and the others discuss “going with the flow” over a coffee. As they do, Joon-Pyo sits with Yu-Hin the next day and they discuss work, where he suggests he speak to Hye-Yoon regarding the foreign exchange report, given she’s the smart one.

However, she’s called away from her desk by a phone call from her Aunt who tells her their total debt is in the region of 400,000 dollars and pleads with her to borrow money. She refuses though and tells her even if she gives her the funds, it won’t solve anything as they’ll still be in a difficult situation of having to repay a lot of money.

That evening the group head out for drinks and become blind drunk, talking about the situation and how they’ve managed to overcome it. Yu-Hin and Hye-Yoon remain silent though, eventually leading them to her Aunt’s chicken restaurant.

As the group splits, and with less people there, Hye-Yoon pipes up and asks Yu-Hin what happened to the capital ratio. After having a sip of his drink, Yu-Hin tells her she’s Director Na’s favourite and goes on to explain the fluctuations and just why the ratio is so important. While he does, Hye-Joon sits silently, contemplating what to do next given she printed out the ratio report last episode.

Outside, Yu-Hin talks to Soo-Jo about chicken shops and how only a small percentage thrive. He implores him to look after Hye-Joon and as the night wears on the group go their separate ways. Back home though Hye-Joon receives news that the Bahamas are interested in buying the bank. It’s the final straw and enough for her to hand the official ratio files over to Yu-Hin after meeting him in a public place.

As we cut forward in time, we see the media informed of the real figures and a short montage for our different characters leaves plenty of questions hanging over this one going into tomorrow’s episode.

With an intense focus on the banks and the ensuing scandals and issues behind the scenes, Money Game doubles down on its economically charged storyline to deliver something that’s certainly going to appeal to some people. While a lot of the terminology and dialogue is geared heavily toward those who know a little bit about the banking sector, there’s enough here to follow along without too much of an issue nonetheless.

The central trio of characters at the core of this one are ultimately what keep things interesting though and with the real ratio figures out in the public now, there’s plenty of questions hanging over this one going forward. Thankfully, we haven’t got to wait too long to find out what happens next but this character-driven drama is certainly gearing up for some dramatic episodes ahead.


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