Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

In 1952, Lee is put on a mission to serve as a security escort for a Japanese scientist. They don’t start on good terms, as Lee searches for a man, but the scientist is Dr. Keiko. She drives them to where she’ll continue her investigation.

Keiko explains a WB-29 scooped up airborne radioisotopes over the Philippine Sea. Also, they originated in the Philippines, so Keiko is there to find out exactly what is happening.

Kentaro wakes up and goes to work. However, he changes directions and goes to his father’s workplace. He starts smashing everything there, angry at his dad. However, that’s when he realizes one of the drawers is locked. He tries the keys Cate gave to him, and one of them works.

To his surprise, there’s another file with the Monarch symbol on it. It talks about Lee and has a recording of what happened in the Philippines.

Keiko and Lee argue again when she starts hearing noises in the woods and the soldier disappears. Bill Randa appears and, before he can do anything, Lee puts a gun behind his head and interrogates him. Bill says he’s a cryptozoologist and that they might be searching for the same thing.

Cate is walking down the streets of Tokyo, planning on returning to her country. However, she doesn’t realize a woman is following her.

When she reaches the station, Tim, the man from Monarch in the last episode, talks to her. She tries to leave but he asks her about the files, grabs her, and takes her outside. She says she’s gonna call someone, and when Tim drops his guard, she throws the phone at him and runs.

The woman that was following her stops Cate and puts her in a car. Tim enters and puts a bag on her head so she won’t know where they are going. However, that makes her have flashbacks of the tragedy in San Francisco, so she starts panicking. Trying to take the bag off, she hits the woman, which causes an accident. Cate uses the opportunity to run away.

Cate tries going to the police, but the officer shrugs it off saying he thinks she’s drunk and misunderstood things. He says he’ll call the US embassy, but he doesn’t believe him. Then, she runs away to May’s place.

Kentaro talks to his mom about his father and him being angry. They have a sweet moment as she picks up some of Hiroshi’s photos and starts ripping them. Both do that together and laugh.

Bill Randa says Keiko and Lee should also be following the stories of the people living there. The local myths talk about a dragon, which might be the cause of the radiation. Keiko agrees, but Lee says it’s an awful idea. She gets angry and sends him off, and he happily takes the Jeep and abandons the other two.

Bill says the creatures are called M.U.T.O.s: Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms. They compare a map of the radiation tracks and of the path the creature is said to have been making and it forms the same image. They follow the path and find an enormous ship alone in the middle of the forest.

When Cate reaches May’s apartment, Tim is already there. May grabs her and takes her out of there silently before anyone realizes they are there. While Kentaro asks his mother about his uncle Lee, he receives a message from May. He doesn’t have time to call her though, as Tim and his friend are already at Kentaro’s door.

They get in and ask him about the files. Emiko helps him pretend he’s going to hand them over when he’s actually escaping. He meets up with May and Cate and says he knows where they need to go.

On the ship, Keiko finds out Bill had seen the dragon once. That was when he was one of the passengers on the ship they are in now. He wants to prove he isn’t crazy, so he needs to record the monster.

As they keep investigating the place, they find an organic material covering a good part of the ship and some of the late passengers. They need to find another way to get out of there, as the material is now at the entrance too.

Kentaro, May, and Cate go to a sort of spa and find Lee. He is surprised to see them and asks what they want. When they are in an open space, they explain they found Monarch’s files and want to be safe.

Lee says they are in a place where Monarch “manages some of their assets” and shows he has an ankle monitor. He cuts it off and tells them they have seconds to decide if they are accompanying him or not.

Back in the ship, the creature starts attacking them smashing the walls. Part of them falls on Bill and traps him. Luckily, Lee arrives at the right time and helps him get out. The three of them run away as the monster topples the ship. They see the dragon mesmerized and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

This episode is weaker on the traumatic moments and Hiroshi’s secrets, to express the threat of Monarch in the present. That doesn’t mean we don’t get some emotional scenes though. Emiko and Kentaro ripping the photos is a sweet and sincere moment that makes you want to see more of her in the future.

Although the plot in the present is good, almost nothing major happens. That’s because they are still introducing things, like Tim and Lee’s current whereabouts. So, for now, the episode having this kind of rhythm is completely okay.

And Keiko’s plot manages to balance it out quite a bit. Her interactions with Lee are funny, and it’s important to learn more about them and how they get so close. Their and Bill’s mission to find the dragon is interesting, but they still only serve for us to know more about the characters, not so much about the creatures and Monarch.

However, it also helps us get hopeful about one thing. We might see more monsters than we imagined. With Godzilla and the insectoids in the first episode, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think the show could take a step back and let the monsters only for later episodes.

Thankfully, that doesn’t happen. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters still has a lot of potential to fulfill, but it’s on the right path so far.

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