Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: “Koho Village” Walkthrough & All Collectibles

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: Koho Village

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Koho Village

Returning With Wall-Jump Ability

Koho Village

When you take control of Momo again, you’ll find yourself in Koho Village. Head left to begin with, and be sure to grab 1x Berry in front of the house with the blue flag.

Next, head inside the house with a crescent moon door. Walk toward the far right of this room and interact with the glowing section of the ground next to the bed to gain 1x Companion [Grimalkin Spirit]. Companions serves as, well, companions in your time traversing the world and they can help give you some utility in the field, depending on their various stats.

Leave the house and keep moving to the left. In the next section, be sure to jump down and pet the cat by pressing up (pictured below).

Next, move back to your starting house and this time, go right. Be sure to pet the cat on the way (pictured below).

Move to the right, onto the next section, to find a house and numerous platforms descending down. Head inside the house and be sure to talk to Neriol. He’s nervous but he will hand over Some Notes.

Exit the house and drop down the platforms on the right. There’s another cat here to the left if you drop down. After petting the cat, be sure to talk to the guy on the right.

After talking to him, keep moving to the right until you’re above the blue light. Drop down here into the Old Sanctuary. Head all the way to the left and interact with the Heavenly Lily. Press up to pray and as a reward, your attack power will increase from 5 to 7.

Head back to the right and bounce on the new bounce-pad back up into Koho Village. When you do, ascend up to the path with the wizard talking and talk to the little kid there atop a hill to the right. Take a right into the next section and be sure to pet the two cats.

Afterwards, head into the house to the right and speak to your sister. Head back outside and keep moving all the way to the right until you come to a glowing section next to the lake. You can choose to add 20 Lunar Crystals by pressing up to “Add Nutrients”, or you can continue on your path to the right. For now, go all the way to the right.

Speak to the High Priestess and after accepting the mission, keep going all the way to the left back up to where you pet the first cat. After talking to Cereza, she’ll hand over a nifty Sigil that will increase the power of your arrows when the stamina bar is full.

Drop down and head into the cavern door to the right of the white cat. Inside, head to the right and interact to move the lever. Drop down to the lower chamber and be sure to slash at the pink cloud to give you a window of time to escape. You won’t be able to kill it, so just rush past after hitting it so you won’t take any damage.

On the lower chamber, be sure to slash at the spinning pinwheels on the platforms while hitting the pink cloud. Finally jump up and across.

When you drop down to the next section, hit the large white block over to the left to create passage up to the lever.

Jump up, move the lever, and then move through the newly opened area to the right. Keep descending down the path and you’ll find a large door at the bottom. Head through to the other side and you’ll emerge out to the next area.


Returning With Wall-Jump Ability

When you return to Koho Village again with the Wall-Jump ability, gained later in the game, you’ll be able to grab the following collectibles. If you’re not here yet, simply click HERE to move onto the next walkthrough section area.

1. On the way up to Koho Village, head through the underground system and on the way, where the first question mark is located, hop over the gap to find an energy tree to destroy. Finally, when you head back up into the village, double-jump up onto the side to find a Magic Berry.

While you’re in this area, from the Magic Berry location, double jump up and hug th wall to unlock a new, secret area. Here, you’l find 1x Sigil ‘Welkin Leaf’ and also 1x Heavenly Lily too.

Now, there are a couple of cats in town too that we weren’t able to Pet the first time around, so go ahead and do this now. They’ll both be on top of roofs, here:

3. Finally, if you haven’t already, add some Nutrients to the shiny hole in the ground (ie. Lunar Crystals) and then wait 10 real-world minutes. When you return, that hole in the ground will now reveal 1x Berry for you to eat.

Old Sanctuary

At this point, it’s worth heading back into Koho Underground as we can unlock more collectibles. First up, head underground and then double-jump up when you reach the wall to jump up and around. Watch out for the pinwheels and tuck in to the right to grab 1x Sigil ‘The Sharpshooter’.

Destroy the menacing Guardian here in the tunnels and then push the white block to the left. Climb on top of it when it’s pushed as far left as possible and instead of jumping to the left, jump right to tuck into a hidden alcove. There’s an Energy Plant in here.

Drop down, destroy the enemies (or jump/dodge past them, your choice) and in the enxt section, be sure to jump up into a hidden area to find a couple of Energy Plants. This is just past the area with the High Priestess statue! At this point, your map should look a little bit like this:

1. Watch out for the enemies here as they explode when they get near ad go all the way to the right and then down. As you turn back to go left, be sure to drop down, flip the lever, and then grab 1x Heavenly Lily.

2. Continue on your path to the left and then drop down at the end of the chamber. Here, you’ll find Companion [Kaho] tucked over on the left.

Return to the previous big vertical chamber and wall jump up. You won’t be able to get the Sigil in the top right of the room right now until you have the White Mist ability, which is gained later on in the game. When you have this, return to this section and grab 1x Sigil ‘Resolve’. 

For now, jump over to the higher area that moves back to the left.

As you continue to the left, be sure to check out the ground and grab [Golden Moonlit Dust]. This concludes all the collectibles in this area.

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