Moments – Tidal Waves | Album Review

moments tidal wave album

Track List

A World ABlaze
Safe & Sound
Guiding Lights
The Void
Treading Water
Meant To Last


To set yourself free from the clutches of monotony, you must burst through your comfort zone; your bubble and your self-made cocoon. The trappings of home can be debilitating to your mental state, and the world just keeps turning, and the birds keep on chirping when you feel like you’re descending into hell.

Music like this is fierce. It’s invigorating also, but it’s loud enough to push you from the starting line through the pain and into a state of action. Tidal Waves by Belgian band Moments, is a colossal record; 8 songs worthy of peeling you from the stagnant loop of life.

This album is loud and crushing at times. Moments has perfected the metal sound, and they’ve instilled it expertly into the record.

Riffs are an integral part of the opus too, and they’re pushed to the limitations, orchestrated by talented musicians who haven’t got anything more to prove. Yes, the band is underground, and relatively unknown to the masses, but their music speaks a thousand words, especially when the act channel their aggression and their points.

Tidal Waves isn’t a standard record in any shape or form. It doesn’t rattle along; it has been meticulously designed, and it keeps on giving. Sharp, intricate instrumentals, and raucous vocals interweave, creating a wonderful contrast.

‘A World Ablaze’ starts the album off. Such a solid start, it impresses with its technical riffs and brooding vocals and blood-curdling screams.

‘Safe & Sound’ sounds like a Killswitch Engage track, it’s so prominent and majestic, delivering priceless riffs and forward-thinking lyricism. ‘The Void’ shudders in, and the riffs are more than pleasing, pushing the band to their limitations. The vocals are subtle at moments until the vocal chords become somewhat strained.

Moments is a band on the warpath. Their music is loud, ferocious at moments – but technical and ingenious.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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