Modern Love – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

First Date Woes

Episode 5 of Modern Love begins at home, with Rob and Yasmine sharing drinks as they awkwardly dance around a moment involving a mattress falling over. Eventually Rob makes a move and despite the situation remaining awkward, Yasmine strips down and excuses herself and heads to the bathroom. When she comes back into the room, Rob cuts his arm open prompting them to call 911 and rush to the hospital together.

Once there, Rob has surgery and is kept in for a further six hours after regaining consciousness. Yasmine agrees to stay and the two get talking about their lives. All of this builds up to some heartfelt confessions about her family and past flames. As the night wears on, she talks to him about honesty and why her last relationship didn’t work out.

As night turns to day, Ron and Yasmine get dressed and prepare to head home. Outside, they have coffee together where Rob opens up about how he feels. Unfortunately she was asleep through most of his speech and when she wakes up, he decides against repeating it again.

For the most part, Modern Love’s latest episode plays on the awkwardness of first dates pretty well and while most of the run-time sees the two characters getting to know one another in hospital, the actual content of the dialogue is pretty good. There’s a consistency to the episode too and the pacing keeps things moving at a steady speed. Beyond that though, there really isn’t a whole lot here to make for a memorable episode, despite some nice content toward the end of this 30 minute segment.


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