Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – Release Date: 29th September 2016


Though the film has the distinct Tim Burton feel that gives it a wondrous charm, it isn’t enough to elevate the film which drags for large periods of its runtime. Adapted from a children’s book of the same name, the film starts with promise and builds throughout for a lacklustre climax that never quite hits the right notes.

When Jake (Asa Butterfield) is told about an alternate reality that leads to another world, he sets out on a journey to discover what lies beyond and as such, uncovers Miss Peregrine’s Home that holds a number of unusual children with abilities. However, with enemies lurking in every world, Jake finds himself at he heart of a battle that threatens to destroy both realities.

Aesthetically, there’s no denying that Miss Peregrine is a very good looking film. The costumes, characters and set design are all really good. The characters in particular are really well designed and I liked discovering who each of the children were as well as learning more about Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) herself.

On the same subject, Eva Green is the stand out here among a lacklustre cast that never really shine through as much as their character design does. As the charismatic Miss Peregrine, there’s an air of confidence, mystery and charm about the character that really shows and she absolutely steals the scene whenever she’s there.

This fantasy adaption is good fun though but unfortunately the fun runs thin long before its end. The film has serious pacing issues, particularly in the middle section, and whilst the climax goes someway to alleviate the problems, it isn’t enough to overlook the problems here. It feels unnecessarily long and whilst it does have some good plot twists, the film’s length lets it down. Not even a crazy-looking Samuel L Jackson is enough to elevate the film.

Overall, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is as odd as its characters. On the one hand, its a good looking film with some good character design and creative ideas. The trademark Burton spin, mixing the horrific with the wondrous, is always nice to see and it is slightly more restrained here than in other titles which is a welcome change. On the other hand, the film is overlong, the acting lacklustre and its story is simply average at best. It is a fun ride at times but that ride wears thin before its run time ends.

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