Miss Night and Day – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Miss Night and Day begins with Ko Won and Ji-ung admitting Mi-jin to the hospital after she faints. They discover that Mi-jin had taken too many anxiety pills, leading to her drowsiness. It turns out that Ko Won had been trying to take the anxiety pills, but Lim Sun unknowingly drank his drugged drink.

After Mi-jin wakes up, she follows Ko Won outside, excusing herself from Ji-ung’s presence. Mi-jin realizes that Ko Won knows her secret, but he vows to protect it as she protected his secret when she found him taking pills. She then leaves with Da-young to her house.

At Da-young’s place, Mi-jin stumbles while walking and wonders if the effects of her age transformation are affecting her real life. This scares her, but she and Da-young decide to find the mystical cat.

The next day, while heading to the office, Mi-jin notices a woman protesting outside the prosecutor’s office. Ji-ung discovers that one of the cars caught on CCTV on the day of the murder belongs to Hwadong Medical Centre. Suspicion falls on the former director and current Senior Intern Baek Chul-Kyu, who had replaced intern Ko Na-heun. They decide to investigate Chul-kyu.

Later, Ko Won chases Lim Sun, who’s trying to avoid him, and offers 3 million won in return for the coupon issued to her by the Chief Prosecutor for an unconditional favour. Ko Won exchanges the coupon to become the Chief’s secretary.

Meanwhile, Byung-Duk investigates Baek Chul-kyu’s background and finds that he’s loved by the people for being helpful and selfless. However, one person claims that Chul-kyu is advantageous to many people, so they take his side. There are suspicions that he killed his wife when he discovered she was cheating on him.

Elsewhere, Lim Sun talks to the woman protesting out of concern for her health and finds that she’s Ko Na-heun’s daughter and that her father has been missing for a long time. She discusses this with her fellow interns and later develops reasonable doubts about Baek Chul-kyu as well.

In her conversation with retired detective and now intern Seo Mal-Tae, she discovers that the serial disappearances had a pattern where the victims seemed to be gathering money to leave for somewhere. She asks her mother if her aunt had taken any money but finds that it’s not the case with her aunt. The police believed that her aunt had run away and wasn’t missing.

In a flashback scene, we find that Ji-ung had come across Mi-jin when they were children during her mother’s search for Lim Sun’s disappearance (originally the name of Mi-jin’s aunt).

It’s revealed that Seo Mal-Tae is the junior of the retired detective with dementia, who was responsible for the missing persons’ case back in the day. Through another flashback, we find that due to a senior’s order, the retired detective could not make it on time when Ji-ung’s mother had called him to meet in order to give a witness statement about the disappearances. Before a police officer came to meet her, the culprit had found her instead.

Later, we realize that Ko Won wanted to be the secretary so he could keep an eye on Lim Sun to protect her. In the meantime, Lim Sun receives a list of missing people to give to Ji-ung and finds her aunt’s name written on it. Thinking that Ji-ung would realize foul play, she decides to do something about it later.

Elsewhere, Byung-Duk ends up at Ji-ung’s apartment building, which turns out to be the motel where Baek Chul-kyu’s wife was found murdered before it was bought and renovated as an apartment building. After meeting Ji-ung briefly, he’s compelled to leave since Ji-ung had to study the missing persons’ report. However, Mi-jin appears at his doorstep with drinks and snacks, determined to make him intoxicated and steal the report.

Unfortunately for her, she finds that Ji-ung doesn’t get drunk but manages to sneak a peek at the report and realizes that she’d read the name “Lim Suk” wrong.

During their chit-chat, Ji-ung reveals that he’s liked Mi-jin from the beginning. He also discusses his absent mother and the loneliness he’s always felt. As they share a moment, Mi-jin leans in and kisses a surprised Ji-ung.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 of Miss Night and Day is as entertaining as the last. All suspicion directs towards Baek Chul-Kyu, who’s also revealed to be involved with the drugs and missing persons’ case. We find that he was the person the acid attacker might have been in contact with, but it’s also possible that an accomplice is involved since Baek Chul-Kyu had asked someone to clean up their mess. Clearly, the mystery in the show is quite engaging.

Meanwhile, Ko Won’s actions are a bit creepy and stalker-ish since he’s been following Mi-jin. And now, he’s decided to be the secretary so he can watch Lim Sun? Definitely creepy.

On the romantic-comedy front, Mi-jin and Ji-ung’s budding relationship is adorable, and we cannot wait to see how their story unfolds, especially regarding Mi-jin’s transformation and the psycho killer on the loose.

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