Miss Night and Day – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Miss Night and Day begins with Mi-jin trying to prevent Ji-ung from drinking the drugged beer. In the tussle with the online game scammer, Mi-jin’s partner appears, who is revealed to be involved with the club where Ji-ung first met him during a raid. After they arrest the couple, Ji-ung questions Mi-jin’s presence at the restaurant, and Mi-jin tries to come up with an excuse.

Later, Ji-ung comes across Mi-jin sitting alone at a bus stop and follows her as she rants about his ungrateful behavior, despite her attempts to help him. They resolve their misunderstanding, with Ji-ung asking Mi-jin to wait for him as he opens up to her, and she agrees.

The next day at the office, Ji-ung questions the man about his involvement with the drugs at the club and discovers that the club delivered the drugs with alcohol and girls to clients, who’d then have their drinks spiked and be molested. Later, Ji-ung decides to trace the drug trail to find the supplier. Meanwhile, at the club, employees move all the drugs to be buried underground at Obongsan Mountain. Their activities are secretly recorded by an employee under Byeong-suk’s thumb, who informs him about the drug burial.

At the office, a woman recognizes Lim Sun and tries to remind her that they used to work together at the bank. However, Mi-jin, disguised as Lim Sun, brushes off the topic and leaves. The elderly interns are then invited to an office team dinner the next day at 4 PM. After Lim Sun leaves for the day, Ko Won, who has been suspicious of Lim Sun’s identity, follows her into a cybercafé. Disguised in a mask, he discovers Mi-jin with Lim Sun’s clothes and bags. He also notices the heart-shaped scar on Mi-jin’s ankle, which Lim Sun also had, and concludes that Lim Sun is actually Mi-jin. He leaves quietly, taking Mi-jin’s cat keyring.

Late at night, while returning home, Mi-jin feels a car following her and calls Ji-ung. However, it turns out to be a misunderstanding as the car leaves. Mi-jin returns to her parents’ butcher shop to find them throwing a party for their neighbors to celebrate Mi-jin’s first payday. It is later revealed that Mi-jin’s aunt Lim Sun was the one who used to work at the bank before she went missing.

The next day, the same car stalks Mi-jin at her house. While Lim Sun is at the office, a mail arrives for Mi-jin from the prosecutor’s office. At the office, Ji-ung receives information about the detective responsible for old missing person’s cases when Ji-ung’s mother was murdered. It’s revealed that the detective was trying to solve a missing person’s case at Seohan Bank, where Mi-jin’s aunt Lim Sun used to work. He would often visit Ji-ung’s mother in connection to the case, but his mother was too afraid to tell him the truth. The old detective, now in a nursing home, asks Ji-ung to let go of the case and move on.

At the office dinner, Lim Sun becomes a karaoke star with her performance. After karaoke, Lim Sun, a bit too intoxicated, calls Ji-ung from Mi-jin’s number instead of Lim Sun’s. Meanwhile, the office workers leave for another round, but Ko Won tries to make Lim Sun leave since she’s about to revert to Mi-jin. It’s clear that he knows her secret, but Lim Sun changes into Mi-jin, her face hidden in Ko Won’s embrace as Ji-ung arrives after tracking Mi-jin’s location.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 of Miss Night and Day was certainly enjoyable. The show is on its surprising journey to become one of the most entertaining romcom Netflix shows of the month. We find ourselves amidst an amusing romance, curious secrets, and a rare addition of a murder mystery that doesn’t overwhelm the essence of the show!

Our continued involvement and interest in the show stem from the brilliant performances of the main cast – Jung Eun-ji, Lee Jung-eun, Choi Jin-hyuk, and Baek Seo-hoo. There’s also an adorable moment where Lim Sun and Mi-jin dance side by side to Apink’s Mr. Chu, a song by Eun-ji’s girl group.

The episode ends on an exhilarating note, making us wonder if Mi-jin’s reality will be exposed to Ji-ung. And how will Ko Won factor in now that Mi-jin’s secret has been compromised? We cannot wait for the next episode, can you?

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