Miss Night and Day – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

In episode 6 of Miss Night and Day, Mi-jin climbs up the balcony into Ga-young’s house to escape from Ji-ung and prevent him from witnessing her transition to Lim-sun, much to Ji-ung’s shock. After a while, Ji-ung rings Ga-young’s doorbell to give Mi-jin some hangover syrup, but by this time, she’s already transformed into Lim-sun and Ga-young introduces her as her aunt.

Ji-ung realizes that Lim Sun and Mi-jin probably know each other. After he leaves, Mi-jin realizes that she’d drunk called Ji-ung and talked to him for 30 minutes but she cannot remember anything that transpired between them.

The next day at the office, the disabled intern Ko Na-Heun’s replacement, Baek Chul-Kyu suspiciously inquires about him through Lim Sun but brushes it off when he realizes Lim Sun isn’t aware of anything. It’s revealed that Na-heum was replaced since he failed to show up to work for days.

Elsewhere, Prosecutor Tak Cheon-Hee, a college mate of Ji-ung who’s had a crush on him ever since, and is his junior in the office, is handling the Sohan mutilation murder case, the same case where Ji-ung led to the culprit meet Mi-jin. The new developments in the case indicate the victim to be a male in his sixties unlike the previous mutilation cases where women have been the prime victim. They haven’t yet identified the victim due to investigating based on a single body part.

Meanwhile, while working Lim Sun receives a text message from Ga-young about leads on the missing cat. As she leaves, Ji-ung approaches her and makes amends for his behavior the other day. Later, after Lim Sun transforms into Mi-jin, Mi-jin visits the people who’d claimed to find her cat but they turn out to be fraudsters. As they become violent with Mi-jin for extracting money, Ji-ung appears and teaches them a lesson.

The next day, Ji-ung summons the fraudsters to inquire about the drug patches on their wrists. It’s revealed that one of them received it from the boyfriend of an online game scammer. Later that night, we see a brief clip of the murderer with ‘Lee Mi-jin’ and ‘Lim Mi-jin’ written in blood as he chops off of a body, with Lim Sun’s picture from the newspaper when she saved Ko Won from the acid attack.

The next day, Lim Sun accompanies Da-young at a resort. In the evening, when Mi-jin finally takes over her body, Da-young is nowhere to be found instead Ji-ung appears before her. It’s revealed that while Lim Sun was transforming into Mi-jin, Ji-ung had texted Mi-jin to meet and Da-young had replied back through Mi-jin’s mobile, asking Ji-ung to meet her at the resort. Later, Mi-jin discovers that Ji-ung wanted to meet her to return her family’s kimchi boxes and the clothes he’d borrowed.

As the two talk, Mi-jin remembers that she’d scolded Ji-ung for looking down on age, asking him why he didn’t fire Lim Sun. Ji-ung later replies, while Mi-jin has fallen asleep, that he finds Lim Sun to be much like him when he started out which is why he didn’t fire her.

Back at his home, Ji-ung finds that the man who’d given the fraudsters the drug patch has been on the run ever since he’d found out that the group had been called by a prosecutor.

The next day, Ji-ung and his team strategize to capture the man through his girlfriend. The plan is to make an online game equipment deal with the woman and make her call her boyfriend just like last time when she feels pressured. Mi-jin successfully locks the deal and Ji-ung takes charge to meet her.

Unlike anticipated though, the woman is smitten with Ji-ung and doesn’t follow through with the plan quite yet. Meanwhile, Lim Sun keeps an eye on the two secretly until she sees the woman mix drugs into Ji-ung’s drink. The episode ends with Lim Sun transforming into Mi-jin and trying to keep him from drinking the spiked drink.

The Episode Review

Another enjoyable episode from Miss Night and Day as we see Ji-ung finally accepting Lim Sun as a team member for real, possibly because Mi-jin and Lim Sun know each other from his perspective. He’s also seems to be influenced by Mi-jin’s phone call where she complained about his behaviour towards Lim Sun. Overall, it seems Ji-ung is warming towards both Lim Sun and Mi-jin.

On the other hand, it’s quite possible that Baek Chul-Kyu might be the culprit since he feels quite suspicious. It’s also hinted in this episode that the mutilated victim might be Ko Na-Heun. Baek Chul-kyu might have killed him to gain entry into the prosecutor’s office. We know that while Mi-jin had come across the culprit and is a threat to his identity being revealed, we are not quite sure why he’s also after Lim Sun yet. We could only wait for the mystery to unfold and so far, the show has been unexpectedly entertaining!

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