Miss Night and Day – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Miss Night and Day begins with Mi-jin escaping from the VIP lounge after the bar is alerted to Ji-ung’s raid. Along the way, she tries to record evidence of drug dealing in the bar and eventually meets with Ji-ung after discreetly sending him a message about Lim Sun leaving the premises due to chest pain. While dropping Mi-jin home, Ji-ung’s car gets stuck in mud, and Mi-jin’s parents come to take them back on their tractor. After changing into new clothes, Ji-ung leaves for his own house.

The next day, Ji-ung and Byung-duk assume that Lim Sun’s chest pains were due to the anxiety of a high-stakes investigation. Lim Sun shows them what she recorded, but the evidence turns out to be too blurry to take any action. Later, Ji-ung asks for the dash camera footage of the acid attack incident.

He observes that the culprit decided to attack Ko Won, not in a secluded parking lot but in a place filled with people. “Why leave the perfect spot for a crime and choose a crowded area in front of the lobby?” he questions. They realize that the culprit was not after Ko Won.

Later, Ji-ung questions the culprit about all his hypotheses and implies that the culprit might get prison time without any drugs for following someone else’s orders. It’s revealed that the culprit is in contact with someone through a prison guard, who later arranges for the culprit to be killed since the culprit threatens to disclose the man’s identity.

Meanwhile, Ko Won forms a heartening friendship with Lim Sun and notices a heart-shaped scar on her foot. He decides to stay in the city after meeting her. That night, Ji-ung dreams about his mother and recalls her body being taken away after her murder. Upon waking up, it’s revealed that he has been investigating his mother’s murder for a very long time.

The next day, while Ji-ung and Byung-duk start working early, they are informed about the acid attack culprit’s death. They reach the prison cell and talk to the medical practitioner, who assumes the death was a cardiac arrest, a common outcome for drug addicts.

It’s briefly revealed that a prison guard is in cahoots with someone outside and switched the medicine vial in the medical room, leading to the culprit’s death.

Ji-ung instructs Byung-duk to hide the culprit’s death from Ko Won, fearing it might affect him mentally if perceived as a suicide. However, Lim Sun ends up telling Ko Won and receives an earful from Ji-ung. Later, it’s revealed that she was aware of Ji-ung and Byung-duk giving her trivial and unnecessary tasks but just wanted to work. She cries, blaming whoever turned her into an old woman, and we see the cat standing behind her.

Later, as Mi-jin, she gets drunk and accidentally ends up at Ji-ung’s apartment, mistaking it for Ga-yeong’s. She also electrocutes the security system with her taser while trying to get in. Ji-ung lets her sleep there. Mi-jin wakes up the next day trying to leave, as it’s time for her to change into Lim Sun, but finds herself trapped inside due to the messed-up door. The episode ends with Ji-ung’s shocked expression as the sun comes up.

The Episode Review

This episode of Miss Night and Day has been quite interesting, now that a secret antagonist is at play. We are also curious to know who the real target of the acid attack culprit was.

On a different note, Mi-jin’s secret transformations into Lim Sun might not be secret anymore! While Ji-ung might see her transform in front of his very eyes in the next episode, Ko Won might also recognize her through her scar later in the series. All in all, this K-drama is surprisingly enjoyable despite little hiccups here and there. What do you think?

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