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Episode 4

Episode 4 of Miss Night and Day continues with Im Sun’s appointment as Ji-ung’s office aide. Excited about her first proper job, Mi-jin gets her hair and makeup done by Da-young for her big day. Meanwhile, Ji-ung and his co-worker, Byung-duk, decide to make Im Sun quit, assuming that she’s too old to perform office tasks and hoping to get a younger office assistant in her stead.

For her first task, Ji-ung asks Im Sun to manually type four bundles of bulky case files in two hours, certain she will fail. Unfortunately for them, Im Sun, or Mi-jin, had worked as a part-time chatter and can type at a speed of 1,000 words per minute on average. The legal duo is astonished by her typing skills.

Next, they give Im Sun the task of creating Excel sheets for financial statements, again certain that an older lady wouldn’t be able to use the application. To their shock, Im Sun not only creates the files but also organizes them using complex Excel formulas. They keep handing her difficult tasks, only for her to complete each one successfully.

On her way home, Ko Won sees Im Sun and follows her, but she transforms into Mi-jin out of his sight, leaving him confused.

The next day, Im Sun is tasked with visiting a witness living on a mountain by lunchtime, an impossible task. However, Im Sun, a level 10 rock climber due to her part-time job as a cleaner, climbs the mountain instead of hiking it. The legal duo finally gives up on trying to make Im Sun quit.

Later, while Da-young posts flyers for the missing cat, Ji-ung and Byung-duk investigate the acid attack case further. They find traces of Fentanyl in the accused’s blood and hypothesize that a drug patch might be where they get their answers. Fentanyl, meant to alleviate pain for patients, is illegally obtained and abused by drug addicts.

When Ji-ung is heading home, he wonders why the murderer returned to the crime scene the day Mi-jin encountered him. “He’s looking for something…or someone,” Ji-ung concludes

The next day, Ji-ung asks Mi-jin to meet him after work but also gives Im Sun extra work. At the same time, Ji-ung and Byung-duk grow suspicious of the acid attacker’s intentions since his actions don’t make sense. “He left behind evidence every step of the way. Shouldn’t you at least buy the acid in person?” Ji-ung questions, noting that the attacker had bought the acid online, leaving an easy digital trail. They decide to investigate all transactions related to Fentanyl.

Later, Ji-ung meets Mi-jin, who barely makes it due to the extra work Im Sun had. Ji-ung gives Mi-jin self-defense gear, tells her about the murderer, and logs his contact number into her speed dial for emergencies.

It’s later revealed that he also installed a secret GPS tracker on her mobile. Mi-jin is, of course, smitten with Ji-ung. Elsewhere, Byung-duk successfully acquires intel that all the Fentanyl in the city is from a high-end club. They decide to go undercover, and Im Sun asks to join. Initially reluctant, they allow her to tag along, surprised again by her knowledge about clubs.

Before the operation begins, Im Sun visits Da-young and asks her to do her makeup. It’s three minutes to sunset when the team’s operation commences. Im Sun stands in line before a bouncer, who notices the old woman. They are about to kick her out when Im Sun transforms into Mi-jin, surprising them and gaining swift entry into the club. Meanwhile, Byung-duk is kicked out.

Once inside, Mi-jin attracts the attention of the management, who take her into the VIP room. In a flashback, we learn she needs to record evidence of Fentanyl in the VIP room, where the club deals with drugs.

She enters but finds herself in a pickle when one of the guests discovers her hidden camera. At the same time, Ji-ung forcibly enters the club after losing contact with Im Sun for more than 10 minutes. He seems to open the VIP door just as the guest attacks Mi-jin with a glass bowl.

The Episode Review

This was a great episode! It’s amusing how the show is becoming more engaging and interesting than its premiere week. This episode had a perfect balance of comedy, romance, and murder mystery, with each sub-genre getting its appropriate share of screen time without overwhelming the others.

The entire fiasco with Ji-ung and Byung-duk orchestrating insane tasks for Im Sun, only for her to complete them astonishingly, is hilarious. It also highlights veteran actor Lee Jung-eun’s acting prowess, keeping viewers entertained throughout.

In the next episode, it’s possible that Ji-ung will find Mi-jin in Im Sun’s place. Additionally, the GPS tracker Ji-ung installed on Mi-jin’s phone is sure to blow her cover. It’s going to be exciting to see how this plot unfolds in the coming episodes!

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