Miss Night and Day – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

In episode 3 of Miss Night and Day, Mi-jin comes face to face with the murder case culprit. A piece of paper from the case files sticks to the windshield of the man’s car. As the man opens the car door, preparing to attack Mi-jin with his bloodstained axe, Gye Ji-ung intervenes by calling Mi-jin’s name, prompting the killer to flee.

Mi-jin doesn’t recognize the man but notes a strange smell from the car. She wonders if it could be the air freshener but can’t pinpoint the source. Eventually, Ji-ung drops Mi-jin home and returns to his apartment. Meanwhile, the killer drags a body into a dimly lit space and writes “Lee Mi-jin and Lim Mi-jin” in blood on a mirror.

The next day, Mi-jin, also known as Lim Sun, is awarded a civilian prize for her bravery in protecting Ko Won from the acid attack at the prosecutor’s office. This is also when a new intern, Baek Cheol-gyu, formerly the director of Hwadong Medical Centre, is introduced.

At the same time, Ko Won showers Lim Sun with gifts, which arrive at Mi-jin’s friend Ga-Yeong’s house. Mi-jin had constructed Lim Sun’s identity as Ga-young’s mother.

Later, Ga-young contacts Mi-jin about the gifts, prompting Mi-jin to visit Ga-young’s house in Lim Sun’s body. She repeatedly insists that despite her appearance, she is actually Mi-jin and explains her body changes diurnally.

Ga-young doesn’t believe her until she witnesses Lim Sun transform into Mi-jin after sunset, which she records on her mobile. After Mi-jin explains the entire story involving the magical cat, Ga-young agrees to help find the cat.

As things settle at the prosecutor’s office, Ko Won joins as a public servant. Ko Won, a popular celebrity, had gotten entangled in a controversy involving unofficially acquired sleeping pills, leading to his military enlistment. Due to a herniated disk suffered during a concert, he received public service duty.

Lim Sun discreetly approaches Ko Won, trying to return all the gifts, including an expensive car. They settle on a deal where Ko Won will buy her coffee every day. Meanwhile, Ji-ung investigates Ko Won’s attacker, supposedly one of his haters.

Despite fans visiting him daily, Ko Won is terrified after the attack. When he goes outside to take some pills, Lim Sun catches him, and he excuses them as vitamins. She comforts him by saying, “You know too many vitamins can make you sick too, right? Don’t overdo it,” and hands him a candy. Later, Ko Won tosses his pills into the trash.

At Ji-ung’s office, he has a fallout with an office assistant, who quits. Ji-ung requests his boss to accept the resignation. The office is short-staffed, so the chief considers promoting Lim Sun as an office aide to Ji-ung as a reward for her bravery.

Elsewhere, the police find the remains of a mutilated body. Ji-ung joins the search, discovering the victim was mutilated while alive, hinting at the heinous nature of the crime. It’s revealed a similar incident had happened to Ji-ung’s mother.

The detective hands Ji-ung photographs of the culprit’s car. Ji-ung spots a suspicious man getting into a similar car and chases him, losing him eventually but memorizing the car’s identification number.

He visits Mi-jin to clarify the car’s appearance. Mi-jin’s family makes Ji-ung and Mi-jin talk privately, hoping they’ll get together. Mi-jin describes the car as a silver SUV but isn’t sure.

The next day, Lim Sun arrives at work to welcome the new intern with her co-workers but feels something is off about him. She later learns about her new position and thanks Ji-ung for getting her new earphones, which she lost while working, promising to do her best. Ji-ung is confused but nods. The next day, he’s surprised to discover that Lim Sun is his new office aide.

The Episode Review

The show is really picking up. Although the serial murder mystery trope is quite common, we can’t help but wonder who the culprit is and what their intentions are. Lim Sun’s interactions with her co-workers and Ko Won are quite engaging.

The new intern certainly seems suspicious. Is he the culprit? We are also curious about the connection between the current cases and Ji-ung’s mother’s case. Is it the same culprit? Now that Mi-jin has come under the killer’s radar, we can expect some tense and thrilling moments in the upcoming episodes.

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