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Episode 2

In the beginning of episode 2 of “Miss Day and Night,” Mi-jin dreams of a cat similar to the one her aunt Lim Sun used to have. As Mi-jin visits the attic, she finds a forlorn missing person poster of her aunt, revealing that her aunt went missing years ago and her mother had done everything in her power to look for her but in vain.

Later, Mi-jin leaves early for her job at the prosecutor’s office, where she works as a cleaning lady. While enjoying her cleaning spree—blasting music and dancing—she comes across Gye Ji-ung, who has arrived at his new workplace, much to her surprise, as he turns out to be a prosecutor.

As expected, in his work persona, he comes across as cold and unconcerned, and it’s revealed that people who work with him often quit within months.

Meanwhile, Mi-jin’s father and their  landlord, who is also a real estate broker, are sharing a meal when Ji-ung visits them looking for an apartment to move into as soon as possible.

After a few odd questions about whether Ji-ung believes in ghosts, the broker shows him an eerie apartment which he instantly takes since he can move in immediately. The house is later revealed to be haunted as Ji-ung has dreams of someone’s murder and the light switch in the bathroom keeps turning on!

The next day, Ji-ung inspects the area and it’s clear that he’s there with a personal mission. Later, we are introduced to the elderly hires and each of their quirky personalities.

Mal-tae is hired for his experience as a former cop, who investigates the case of a thrown cigarette and accuses a fellow co-worker, the suspect Gwang-seok who is a referral hire and particularly shameless.

As they fight over the cigarette case, we meet Na-heun, the disability hire known for being old-fashioned, who falls while trying to pull them apart. There’s also a bystander to the fistfight named Ok-hui, who’s a nepotism hire, known for being ‘pretty but dumb’ and finally Lim Sun, top applicant known for her max stamina, who arrives at the crime scene to break off the fight. Eventually, they make peace where the culprit agrees to treat the others in exchange for not reporting him for a fine.

Meanwhile, celebrity Ko Won decides to take a 2-year hiatus amidst his court cases and numerous articles and finally ends up for his public service where Ji-ung and Mi-jin now work.

As he’s addressing the media, a suspicious person attacks him with a liquid as Mi-jin shoves him. Just as the liquid, which turned out to be acid, is about to fall on her, Ji-ung gracefully swoops in with his umbrella, protecting Mi-jin (Lim Sun). She swoons over him along with her bystanders until another prosecutor breaks their bubble, telling them about how difficult Ji-ung actually is while on duty.

Later, since Ji-ung has been blocked, he visits Mi-jin’s house to retrieve his document and to return her resume. Mi-jin rushes to her house and waits for sunset before meeting Ji-ung. She tries to find the document but remembers that she’d burnt them.

She still insists on looking for it in a second-hand bookstore where she sold the material. After looking for a while, she does find the documents but not before Ji-ung leaves to attend an urgent matter. There has been a murder so far from where Ji-eun lives.

When Ji-ung reaches the crime scene, he realizes that the blood is still fresh and after looking for a while, he decides that the culprit might be hiding. In a flashback, it’s revealed that his mother had been murdered in a similar incident which is possibly why he is back in town. This turns out to be true and Ji-ung chases him while alerting the nearby police.

This is when he receives Mi-jin’s text message that she is leaving by herself and rushes to her location knowing about the danger closing in on her.

While going back alone, Mi-jin peaks at the contents of the document which reveals multiple pages of missing person reports involving numerous women. This is when Ji-ung sees Mi-jin and the culprit driving right into her. As he closes in on her, the episode ends with Mi-jin’s shocked expression and the documents falling on the road.

The Episode Review

Well, the show seems to be quite predictable at this moment with a worn-out murder mystery plot on top of clichéd slow-motion romantic scenes, which doesn’t help its case. “The cat is possibly her aunt, who might have been murdered by the same serial killer or somebody else who had been responsible for murdering Ji-ung’s mother as well.”

The show will possibly try to link the two leads in a shared traumatic experience such as this. The scenes with Lim Sun and her elderly co-workers do seem amusing for now.

Overall, it’s still too early to judge the show in its infancy so we will meet you in the next episode! What are your first impressions of the show? Let us know in the comments.

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