Missing Crown Prince Episode 3 Spoilers – What will the King do now?


This Joseon-era rom-com is sure to keep you glued to both your screens and couch! Crown Prince Lee Gon, played by Suho from EXO, gets an unexpected visit when Choi Myung-Yoon, a feisty woman destined to be his bride, kidnaps him. As they dodge danger and political drama, love blossoms between these two unlikely partners.

Suho brings to life Crown Prince Lee Gon, a prince who loves his family and never shies away from his princely duties. Hong Ye-Ji joins the show as Choi Myung-Yoon, the curious daughter of the royal physician who takes Lee Gon on a wild adventure. Kim Min-Kyu plays Grand Prince Do Sung, who courageously searches for his missing brother despite all odds.

Featuring one of the most famous actors in the industry, Suho, The Crown Prince is set to be a smashing hit and one of the most important Korean dramas of the year. Therefore, read this article with a grain of salt since it includes spoilers.

A Brief Recap of Episode 2

In the nail-biting climax of Missing Crown Prince episode 2, Lee Gon, played by EXO’s Suho, finds himself in grave danger. The king’s eunuch, who seems friendly at first, turns out has been sent to murder Lee Gon. Lee Gon tries to escape, but to his shock, even his loyal maid is in on the attack, stabbing him in the gut.

Initially, it seems like the king might be behind the assassination attempt, but the true culprit is revealed to be the Dowager. She has sent assassins after Lee Gon to protect the identity of her secret lover, which Lee Gon is determined to uncover.

Missing Crown Price Episode 3 [Spoilers] – What to expect?

Caution: everything beyond this point contains heavy spoilers for coming episodes.  

In the promo for episode 3, we see Lee Gon badly injured and being carried out of the castle by his loyal bodyguard, thankfully still alive. But Queen Dowager is determined to see him dead and will stop at nothing. She’ll send more of her assassins after him, ordering them to find and kill Lee Gon.

The king will find out about this and confront the Dowager, but just like last time, she’ll give him a choice: either announce that Lee Gon is no longer the crown prince, meaning he’s no longer next in line for the throne or watch his son die.

Since the king loves his son more than anything, he’ll have no choice but to comply. The king is in a tough spot with very few trustworthy men by his side. He’s also facing a constant threat from Queen Dowager, who might try to get rid of him like she did with the previous king.

Meanwhile, Lee Gon is taken to Sang Rok’s house for treatment. Sang Rok is one of the few nobles still loyal to the king. So, you can expect to see Myung Hoon tending to Lee Gon’s wounds and trying to nurse him back to health. But even if Lee Gon gets better, there’s a good chance someone will try to take him out again.

So, in the next episode, we might see him going into exile to gather intel on the Dowager and her secret lover.

Have you seen the preview for episode 3? What are your predictions for this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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