Missing: The Other Side – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Who is Thomas?

Missing: The Other Side returns this week with a slightly slower episode which fails to move the story forward greatly. The series is still interesting though but with just 5 episodes remaining, there are still plenty of unanswered questions to resolved.

Episode 7 of Missing: The Other Side starts with a flashback of a day Pan Seok took his daughter to an amusement park. After leaving her to get some ice cream, he returned to the bench he left to find her missing.

In the present, Pan Seok looks at the portal and asks why he hasn’t been able to see his daughter and begs for a sign. He then heads back to the party and promises Kim Wook that he will help him find his mother’s killer.

This promise makes Kim Wook realize that Pan Seok knows Hyun Mi is his mother and takes him aside. He tells him he is not ready to tell her the truth and Pan Seok agrees as she may think he is dead, which in turn will cause her heart to break.

Meanwhile, Jun-Ho spends the night at the police station trying to find out more about Yeo-Na’s disappearance. He comes to the conclusion that Park going missing and Kim Soo Yeon’s death may all be connected to the murders.

Later that morning, Manager Wang receives a visit from the health inspector while Jong-A heads to the edge of the village. She tells Wook she wants to help him find his mother as she feels frustrated that she hasn’t found any clues yet.

Pan Seok arrives and the trio head to an event to speak to chairwoman Yeo-Hee. Both men are disguised as a journalist and bodyguard. After Jong-A creates a distraction, Wook is able to lead the chairwoman away. He tries getting more information about his mother’s death but Yeo-Hee remains very vague.

Jun-Ho visits the chairwoman next and reveals that Nam-Guk and Myung-Gyu were murdered just because they potentially were her grandchildren. He then mentions that someone else is missing and that a person is killing all her the potential grandchildren; either because they have a grudge against her or they are set to profit if she doesn’t find them. He also tells her about Park and Hyun Mi and how he believes everything is connected.

Back in the village, Hyun-Mi starts to realize who Kim Wook is when someone mentions the meaning of his name. This devastates her as she believes that her son is now dead and has been sent to the village.

At the same time, Yeo-Na comes across a strange building which is locked and has a lot of boxes in front of it. She is unable to open it and hears rattling noises coming from inside.

Pan Seok carries on his search for his daughter. He heads into the police station where he is greeted by Detective Il Doo. The latter mentions another missing girl – Jang-Mi – and her connection to a body they found not long ago.

Il-Doo heads to court for Myung-Jin’s trial and is surprised to find Jun-Ho there. He asks his colleague to testify against the murderer as he strongly believes he has killed more than one person and deserves a life sentence at least.

In the village, Pan Seok relays to Thomas and Wook what the detective told him about Jang-Mi and that she has been reported missing. They decide to help as they might be able to find her body. Thomas is grateful for their work so Kim Wook replies that he can thank him when he finds the body.

In court, Jun-Ho receives a call from the medical examiner who reveals that the DNA tests are negative for all three, meaning that none of them are the grandchildren of the chairwoman.

In the evening, Yeo-Na takes Wook to the derelict building and explains she heard some strange noises. They manage to break in and are shocked to find a disheveled man chained to a bed.

He tells them that Thomas has locked him there and asks them to unlock him as he claims to still being alive.

The Episode Review

While not much happens during most of the episode, the ending does bring a new intriguing twist with the strange man locked up by Thomas. We still don’t know much about the owner of the café and perhaps he is not as innocent as we think. Let’s hope we learn more about his past soon!

Poor Hyun Mi had quite the shock when she realised that Kim Wook is her son. I do hope the two have a proper reunion soon as I can imagine it might be short lived if her body is found.

Everything is definitely connected and we only need to find out about a few more pieces of the puzzle.

Missing: The Other Side has been quite the interesting drama so far and while a little slow this week, it is still enjoyable and entertaining enough to make this K-Drama worth watching.

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