Missing: The Other Side – Episode 6 Recap & Review

Memory Day

The latest chapter of Missing: The Other Side brings a lot of emotions to the table for our characters as the mystery slowly unfolds and each tries to deal with their past and current situation.

We are half way through this drama now and it has been quite the thrilling and interesting series so far and definitely worth watching.

Episode 6 of Missing: The Other Side starts with Wook having drinks with Thomas in the cafe. They discuss their respective mothers and Wook remembers what she used to say about his name.

Pan Seok later comes to pick him up and brings him back to his house. There, Wook drunkenly mentions that his mum doesn’t remember him.

The next morning, Kim Wook talks to Pan Seok about the first time he came to the village and asks if anyone has been there longer than him. Pan Seok explains that Hyun Mi and Park were already there and that they arrived around the same time.

He also tells him that he hasn’t been able to find their bodies and that they don’t remember how they died. Kim Wook then decides that he will help him with this mission.

We then cut to where the last episode left off as Kim Wook asks the chairwoman about his mother. Specifically, he asks about when he worked for her 27 years ago.

She dismisses him and tells the man she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He then walks off with Jun-Ho where the two start getting friendly with each other.

In the police station, Jun Ho is told to stop investigating the cases of Myung Gyu and Nam Guk. His boss doesn’t believe there is a connection.

He is then called to the chief’s office where Director Lee Dong Min from Choiseung Construction is there to ask some questions about the cases. Specifically, as the chairwoman wants to know more about them.

In the village, Hyun Mi is intrigued when she hears the name Wook. However, Wook lies about his surname and age. Elsewhere in the pawn shop, the gang members arrive to check the place out. Pan Seok pretends that he is the owner than calls Kim Wook and Jun Ho to view the security footage.

Jun Ho and his colleague head into the factory to find manager Wang and interrogate him about Nam Guk. He of course lies about it so Jun Ho has no choice but to let him go.

Outside, Kim Wook finally admits to Jun Ho that he saw Yeo Na being kidnapped by the gang members which is why they are after him. This angers Jun Ho and he confronts him as to why he didn’t tell him sooner. Kim Wook mentions that he is determined and will catch manager Wang himself.

Back in the village, Thomas takes Yeo Na to the portal room and gives her a rocking chair he made. He tells her she can sit there and wait as he knows she has been wanting to watch people come in through the magical door.

Pan-Seok returns home to find a determined Kim Wook who is on his way to talk to Manager Wang. He calls and reveals that he knows he killed the three people. Wang tells him he has no proof but Wook replies that he has spoken to Yeo Na. He promises to find her body and will make him pay for what he did.

In the police station, Il-Doo reveals to Jun Ho that detective Park was investigating Choiseung construction when he disappeared but also that the chairwoman’s daughter died in an accident 27 years ago.

In the pawn shop, Kim Wook, Jong Ah and Pan Seok hatch a plan to catch Wang. They head into Ilgong Freezing factory and switches the labels on the packed boxes ready to be shipped.

The next day, the villagers get ready to celebrate Memory Day. Yeo Na gets emotional when she remembers the day Jun Ho proposed to her.

The celebration then gets underway and everyone is in good spirits. They take lots of pictures and Thomas surprises everyone with a hot air balloon.

Kim Wook then runs to meet with Jun Ho at the edge of the village and the two talk about Choiseung Construction. The detective mentions the chairwoman’s daughter and a certain Kim Soo Hyun.

This name is familiar to Kim Wook as he remembers his mother mentioning it. He tells him to wait there for a few minutes. At the same time, the hot air balloon with Thomas, Hyun Mi and Yeo Na goes up which enables the latter to see her fiance. She tries to get his attention but in vain.

In a flashback, we see that it was Thomas’ plan all along as he wanted this day to be special for her.

The evening ends with a surprise from Yeo-Na. She has managed to get all the pictures of the villagers on a projector which makes everyone happy and emotional. Pan Seok gets upset as he wishes his daughter would at least come into the village.

The episode ends as he confronts Kim Wook about his mother and decides to ask her who her killer is.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Missing: The Other Side brought more emotional moments for our characters and especially Yeo Na who saw her fiance again.

Will this help her move on and realize that she needs to say goodbye? This is quite heartbreaking as she is still hoping she will be able to marry him.

Pan Seok also had a very sad life as he is still looking for his missing daughter after many years. I am guessing he is holding on to hope that she may still be alive since she hasn’t appeared in the village. I wonder if there is a connection with the other mystery of this story.

Kim Wook also has to deal with the ghosts from his past. Will he tell Hyun Mi she is his mother and how will she react? Her disappearance and the one of Park is definitely connected to Choiseung construction.

After this episode, I am not sure that Kim Wook is the chairwoman’s grandchild so there is yet another intriguing mystery that needs to be resolved.

The drama has definitely been an enjoyable and thrilling one to watch so far. I just hope it carries on that way for the second half.

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