Missing: The Other Side – Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Culprit

As expected, we finally know who was behind all the murders and while it wasn’t a big shock, the episode still had some tense moments. The next one should bring a satisfying conclusion for our characters and I am sure some very emotional scenes too.

Episode 11 of Missing: The Other Side starts with Pan-Seok waking up from a nightmare about his daughter and Myung-Jin. He calls Wook to see where he is and the latter explains that he has been on a stake-out all night.

Wook later heads to the chairwoman’s meeting where she announces to everyone that he is her grandson. Her speech gets interrupted quickly though with news that Sang-Gill has been found dead.

Jun-Ho is already investigating the death of Sang-Gill at his hotel. They know Dong-Min left in the evening and wonder if he has died of a drug overdose. He heads to see Dong-Min and confronts him about visiting Sang-Gill the night before and the coincidence that he is the only one left. Dong-Min stays calm though and tells them that it doesn’t matter as the chairwoman’s grandchild has been found.

Jun-Ho then meets with Jong-A and Wook next and relays the latest news to them. Wook is certain that Dong-Min is the killer as he whispered in his ear “Don’t act” when he walked past him.

Meanwhile, in the village, everyone is shocked to find out that someone’s DNA was found in Hyun-Ji’s backpack. Pan-Seok is getting impatient though and everyone hopes he will get some good news.

Later in the day, the chairwoman introduces Wook to Dong-Min and asks to show him the ropes. After the old lady leaves, Wook pretends that he is only after money which makes Dong-Min even angrier. The latter threatens Wook and tells him to disappear quickly, which prompts Wook to reveal that he knows he killed Yeo-Na and Nam-Guk.

Il-Doo and his colleague carry on investigating Myung-Jin’s crimes, which take them to an industrial estate where the murderer has hidden the belongings of his victims.

Back at the station, Il-Doo calls in Pan-Seok to tell him that the DNA results from the backpack belonged to Myung-Jin. They then show him the headband they found which used to belong to Hyun-Ji. This news completely devastates Pan-Soek and he falls to the floor.

The detectives bring Myung-Jin to interrogate him further and let Pan-Seok watch from behind the mirror. They ask Myung-Jin about Hyun-Ji but the latter doesn’t say anything until they show him the picture of her headband. Pan-Seok sees the man’s expression changing which sends him into a complete frenzy.

The police have no other choice but to take him outside while Il-Do is unable to control himself and punches Myung to try and get the truth out of him.

Meanwhile, Jun-Ho visits the medical examiner who has come to the conclusion that Sang-Gill was killed as all the bottles of wine in his flat were spiked.

Wook has been waiting for the chairwoman in her office but soon realizes that she is not coming. With the help of Jon-A, he tracks her to a villa where we see her with Dong-Min. We then cut to what happened the night before where Sang-Gill confronted Dong-Min and showed him a picture of him and manager Wang. They are soon interrupted by room service ordered by Dong-Min, whom we see had a small vial hidden in his pocket.

Back in the present, Dong-Min gets ready to inject the chairwoman with a syringe as he plans to make it look like she had a heart attack. Wook arrives soon after and finds the old lady on the floor with blood coming out of her head. Wook looks at Dong-Min and suddenly remembers that it was him he saw standing over Soo-Yeon. A fight then ensues between the two. Dong-Min gets the upper hand but thankfully Jun-Ho arrives just in time to save the day.

The next day in the station, Dong-Min refuses to talk even after Jun-Ho tracks down the drugs ordered to kill the chairwoman. He relays to Jun-Ho and Jong-A that they don’t have enough to prove he is the killer which frustrates Wook as Dong-Min took everything from him.

In Duon, the villagers take Pan-Seok and Wook in the cafe as they prepared a big meal for them. Wook takes Hyun-Mi aside and tells her about Dong-Min. He is upset about the situation as he used to be so mad at her but she was here all along.

The episode ends with Pan-Seok taking Wook to see Dong-Min in order to tell him what he needs to say. Wook confronts the latter and tells him he was there the day he killed Soo-Yeon. Dong-Min then admits to being the one who has killed his mother as well as everyone else. However, he tells him that he only killed his mother when he saw him on top of the stairs

The Episode Review

The killer has finally been caught but will he admit to where all the bodies are hidden? If he does, it will be time to say goodbye to Park and Hyun-Mi. This promises to be quite sad but a decent conclusion for those characters. Poor Wook is going to feel a lot of guilt after what Dong-Min told him though and I can imagine that it is going to be difficult for him to process.

I am still wondering what happened to Hyun-Ji and again, if she is really dead why can’t we see her in the village? I think there will be a final twist here and I am looking forward to learn all about it next time.

Missing: The Other side has been a decent mystery thriller so far and the actors have given some great performance too, which make this supernatural series tan easy one to get hooked on.

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