Miss Bala (2019) Ending Explained – Does Gloria save Suzu?

Miss Bala

The ending of Miss Bala starts with Lino forcing her to join the Miss Baja California beauty contest. Lino has bought all the judges, and all Gloria has to do is act surprised and accept the chief’s invitation to the after-party.

At first, Gloria refuses, but Lino shows her a video of her friend Suzu. She was sold into prostitution by the chief of police and will be working entertaining the guests at the after-party. All Gloria has to do is make sure she lures the police chief to his bedroom, and Lino will kill him.

What happens to Gloria?

Lino convinces her to join the Miss Baja contest, and as he promised, she wins and is invited to the after-party by the chief of police. Backstage, when getting ready to attend the party, Lino sends her a communication device. She will use it to inform him of the party’s location and when she gets the chief of police alone in his room.

Gloria arrives at the party, and Chief Saucedo tells his assistant to take Gloria to his room. On the way, she sees Suzu, and she manages to have a brief private talk with her. Suzu shows Gloria a tattoo that symbolizes that she belongs to her kidnappers. The tattoo is the same one Isabel showed her at the house. Gloria realizes that Lino has been playing her all along, and he is the one who had Suzu. 

Back in the room, she decides to go against Lino and secretly tells Chief Saucedo that Lino is coming to kill him. Chief Saucedo asks her to get in bed with someone else to fool Lino and his men. Lino’s men arrive at the bedroom, and when they start shooting on the bed, Gloria hides underneath.

Later, when the shooting stops, she finds Pollo hurt and almost dying. He tries to ask for help, but she takes his rifle and looks for Suzu. 

Outside, Saucedo tries to use Suzu as a human shield against Lino, and Gloria shoots him in the leg. She then kills Lino for using her and gets arrested when the police arrive. Next, Gloria shows up at the CIA offices when Jimmy comes to try and recruit her. She demands that Jimmy let Suzu go before they can discuss anything. Gloria drives off in Jimmy’s car after dropping Suzu off at her aunt’s house and reuniting her with Chava. 

What happens to Lino?

After successfully finding Chief Saucedo at the after-party, Lino shoots Saucedo, thanks to Gloria’s help. However, Gloria points a gun at him. She asks Suzu to show him her tattoo and confirms that he has been holding Suzu captive all along.

He tries to explain to Gloria that he has no choice. Gloria hesitates for a moment, but Lino reaches for his gun. Using the same technique he taught her – shooting with both eyes open – Gloria opens fire before Lino can take his weapon. He falls to the ground dead, leaning against a car wheel. 

Does Gloria find Suzu?

Gloria finds Suzu at Saucedo’s after-party, and she saves her by shooting Saucedo in the leg when he tries to use her as a human shield. He also kills Lino to avenge her being sold into prostitution and saves her from the system. She gets arrested with Gloria at the party, but Gloria makes a deal with Jimmy to release her. She reunites with her brother Chava and thanks Gloria for saving her.

Who are Las Estrellas? Do they survive?

Las Estrellas is the name of Lino’s gang from Tijuana. Following Gloria’s directions, they invade Villa 101, intending to kill Chief Saucedo and his men. Unfortunately, Gloria alerts Chief Saucedo, and he is ready for them when they arrive.

A fatal shootout ensues, and most of his men, including his right-hand man Pollo, are killed. With Gloria killing Lino at the end, it foreshadows the end of the Las Estrellas, which Jimmy confirms when Gloria meets him at the CIA office. 

How does Miss Bala end?

After Gloria kills Lino, she and Suzu find themselves at the CIA offices. Jimmy is impressed by her ability to survive an impossible situation and wants to recruit her for the CIA. Gloria has a request.

Next, Gloria takes Suzu from her cell, and Jimmy drives them to her aunt’s house. Suzu is reunited with her brother, and Gloria bids them goodbye. She gets back into Jimmy’s car, and they drive away with the final scene zooming in on Gloria’s face.

She differs from the anxious, fearful woman at the beginning of the movie. Her face shows she is now a badass and empowered woman. The ending though, certainly leaves room for a sequel. 


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