Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 i.e. the season finale of Mirzapur Season 3 titled “Pratibimb” starts with Golu returning to the factory which is in ruins after Guddu’s arrest. Golu learns about her father’s suicide and is shattered.

She is saddened by the news of Gudd’s arrest and decides to take matters into her own hands.

She calls Satya and asks him to arrange a meeting with J.P. Yadhav. Golu offers to pay the money he wants and tries to meet him to hash out a plan to save Guddu.

How does Zarina help Madhuri and Sharad?

At the same time, Mridul takes Zarina to meet the client who turns out to be J.P. Yadhav.

J.P. Yadhav asks Zarina to betray Madhuri and offers to give her a seat in his political party under the leadership of Kushwaha. Zarina asks J.P. Yadhav to make her the next contender for the CM of Uttar Pradesh and agrees to spend the night with him as she was already paid for it.

The next day, Madhuri unveils the statue of her late father, former CM S.P. Yadhav. Zarina brings all the other MLAs that J.P. Yadhav was trying to poach from Madhuri’s political party to Sharad.

Kushwaha learns that Zarina has betrayed J.P. Yadhav and him. Sharad tells Kushwaha that he is with Madhuri now and asks him to keep J.P. Yadhav in line.

What happens when Golu meets J.P. Yadhav?

Golu shows up to meet J.P. Yadhav when he is in a meeting with Kushwaha. There, she asks him to help release Guddu from prison and tells him she has a plan to bring Madhuri down.

J.P. Yadhav agrees to help Golu so that he can bring the Tripathis and Sharad down.

J.P. Yadhav takes help from Home Minister Solanki, who is also against Madhuri. Golu tells Solanki and J.P. Yadhav her plan to bring Guddu out of prison.

What happens when Madhuri learns the truth about Sharad?

On the other hand, Dimpy meets Madhuri and gives her the files Ramakant had collected against Sharad, including video evidence of Sharad’s men killing her father.

Dimpy asks Madhuri to do what she wants with the evidence, hoping that she will make the right call.

Madhuri is shattered by Sharad’s betrayal and asks him to meet her that evening.

Sharad tells Madhuri that all the MLAs are going to stick with their party. Madhuri tries to prod Sharad and asks him to come clean about the bad things he has done in the past.

Sharad tells Madhuri that Kaleen is alive and under his protection instead of confessing to killing her father. Madhuri asks Sharad to arrange a meeting between her and Kaleen. She also distances herself from Sharad.

That night, Madhuri is about to tell Beena that Kaleen is alive but she realises that Beena is hiding something about her relationship with Guddu and Golu. Beena asks Madhuri to make arrangements to send her back to the Tripathi house.

What does Madhuri ask Kaleen to do?

At the same time, Sharad asks Kaleen to meet Madhuri. He tells Kaleen that he treats him like a father figure now and wants to end the animosity between the Tripathi and the Shukla family. Kaleen promises to make Sharad sit on the throne of Mirzapur after him.

Kaleen goes to meet Madhuri upon Sharad’s persistence. He tells Madhuri that Sharad killed her father to get to Kaleen.

Madhuri tells Kaleen that she has held Beena and his newborn son hostage. She asks Kaleen to do as she says if he wants to see his family alive.

Madhuri also states that Guddu is in her custody and offers Kaleen the opportunity to kill him so that he can avenge Munna.

That night, Kaleen shows up at a meeting of the dons where Sharad is about to be named the King of Purvanchal.

What happens at the meeting?

Kaleen asks Sharad to take the throne as per their promise but shoots him before he can take the throne.

Kaleen shoots all the dons as well as Munnawar. IG Dubey shows up there to kill the dons as per Kaleen’s deal with Madhuri.

While some of the dons flee, Sharad, despite being shot, crawls to the throne and sits on it as the last King of Mirzapur. Sharad dies on the throne of Mirzapur as the last king.

Madhuri takes Beena to meet Kaleen and she is shocked to see him alive.

Kaleen takes Lalla in his arms and hugs Beena. Kaleen then goes to prison to kill Guddu as per his deal with Madhuri but learns that he has escaped prison.

Does Guddu meet Golu?

Guddu is taken to a boat where he meets Golu and is relieved to see her alive. The two kiss as the show ends.

How does Mirzapur Season 3 end?

A post-credit scene shows Radhiya meeting Maqbool with a message from Beena.

The Episode Review

This season looks entirely pointless as we are all back to Kaleen being the sole powerful don in all of Purvanchal, just like it was when it all started with him and Babuji many years ago.

Now that he knows he has an heir, which could be Babuji’s son (and his step-brother) for that matter, I am curious to know what will happen if Kaleen finds out that the child is not his.

The angst between Guddu and Golu has finally come to an end now that the two have successfully reunited.

I did not know there needed to be a romantic angle between them but the build-up, right from Season 2 was proof that these two were destined to find their way to each other.

Throughout this season, we saw how Radhiya aspired to be a lot like Golu.

I wonder if she is trying to lure Maqbool to Golu and she is not really Beena’s messenger.

We will only know more once the next season of this show is released and it is not clear how many years that will take. 

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