Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 9 “Ansh” Recap & Review



Episode 9 of Mirzapur Season 3 titled “Ansh” starts with Chotte at home where he tries to pack a bag of Saloni’s clothes.

He tells his mother that he is taking Saloni on a holiday and asks Geeta to take care of his daughter. Geeta asks her son to talk to Devdutt and sort out the issues. Chotte gets riled up and asks Geeta if she knew he was not Bharat but Chotte.

Geeta tries to ignore the question and tells Chotte that she only cares about her son who is alive.

Geeta asks Chotte to decide if he wants to live his twin’s life or wants to break the family upon revealing the truth about his identity. Chotte gets the signal his mother is trying to give him.

At the same time, Saloni tells Golu that the public thinks she is dead. Golu tries to convince Saloni to help her and asks her to help release her hand from the handcuff.

Saloni helps free the other end of the handcuff so that Golu can move her hand freely. The two wait in position for Chotte to return. Golu asks Saloni to distract Chotte while she tries to tackle him so that they can both escape.

At the Pandit house, Robin’s dead body is taken away. Vasudha tells the cops that it was Guddu who did this to Robin. IG Dubey and the cops go to the Tripathi house to arrest Guddu and he is taken into police custody.

At the same time, Madhuri sends Zarina to take Beena and the newborn to Lucknow where Madhuri is.

On the other hand, J.P. Yadhav tries to get Zarina to meet him. He asks Mridul to go find Zarina and bring her to him for a chat.

That day, Madhuri told Sharad that Guddu was under arrest and in Lucknow jail. Sharad is happy and hugs Madhuri. Madhuri suggests that Sharad should start a new life with her and the latter agrees.

Meanwhile, Mridul finds Zarina and asks her to meet his client. He offers to pay a large sum of money on behalf of his client which forces Zarina to agree.

In prison, Madhuri meets Guddu and he tells her how jealous he was of Munna for having the life he had and for being Madhuri’s husband who was defending him even after his death.

Madhuri tells Guddu that he is not going to avenge Munna alone but also wants to end the violence caused by Guddu. Madhuri orders the cops to do as they please with Guddu.

Chotte goes to release Saloni and tells her that he is Bharat. He tells Saloni that he will not return to being Chotte ever again. Just as Saloni gets up to leave, Golu jumps in and slices her wrist.

Chotte shoots at Golu and injures her arm but she ends up fleeing.

In prison, a group of lethal convicts Guddu to a pulp. No matter how hard he fights back, Guddu is beaten up to the point that he is unconscious.

The cops stop the convicts just as they are on the verge of killing Guddu. The cop snaps a photo of Guddu covered in blood and sends it to PA Anand.

Meanwhile, Munnawar gets ready to leave for a meeting, hoping to change the future of Purvanchal.

At the Shukla Manor, Shakuntala asks Sharad to leave his past self behind so he can move on to a better tomorrow. Madhuri sets up a welcome ceremony for Beena and shows her the photo of Guddu who was beaten to a pulp.

Dimpy meets Ramakant in prison and tells him that she is going to do her thing to end crime in Mirzapur after Robin’s death.

She asks Ramakant to give her the location of the evidence Robin had collected against the dons of Purvanchal. Ramakant tells her that Sharad had killed Madhuri’s father – CM S.P. Yadhav as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

As traumatising as the last episode was to watch, I am more worried for Saloni than all the other characters on the show.

Now that Chotte has indirectly confessed that he is not Bharat, I wonder what Saloni will do if she makes it out alive after this. Since Golu is alive, I am certain she will raise hell to get Guddu out of prison.

The episode ends with Dimpy learning that it was Sharad who killed Madhuri’s father. If Madhuri learns this, I am pretty sure she will do everything in her power to save Guddu.

Moreover, now that Beena is with Madhuri, there is a threat of her getting in trouble for what she has done over the last two seasons. From the way this season is going, we could really use some Kaleen Tripathi action now. 

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