Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 8 “Raja Beta” Recap & Review

Raja Beta

Episode 8 of Mirzapur Season 3 titled “Raja Beta” starts with the cops discovering the dead body of a young girl. Meanwhile, Chotte gets back home with a wound on his hand. Saloni inspects the wound and tends to it. Saloni tells Chotte, who she presumes is Bharat how much he matters to her and the two get intimate.

The next morning, Parshuram and Guddu show up to inspect the boy which is presumed to be Golu. Parshuram shoots himself in the chin after learning that the body is Golu and Guddu loses his mind. In prison, Ramakant meets Raheem and learns from him that he was paid to kill Lala as doing so would take care of his family while he stayed in prison.

Raheem tells Ramakant that he accepted the offer to kill Lala for his family and that was the right thing according to him. At the Tripathi house, Guddu starts snorting a lot more opium than usual to try and overcome the death of Golu. He goes back home but avoids going inside when he sees his mother and Dimpy happy with Robin around them.

At the Shukla Manor, Kaleen tells Sharad that the Tyagi family is trying to pin the blame for Golu’s death on him. Sharad states that he would take full ownership of the accusation and face Guddu, no matter the consequences.

That evening, Sharad meets Madhuri and tells him how Guddu is at a point of self-destruction now that all his loved ones have died. He promises to help her make the state of Uttar Pradesh crime-free just like she wants it to be.

Madhuri states that she is going to prioritize taking Beena out of the Tripathi house. A helpless Guddu meets Ramakant in prison and asks what he should do next. Ramakant tells Guddu that he did not have any solutions for his son and asks him to bravely face any challenge that he was faced with so that he could survive. IG Dubey is back on duty and he tries to meet Guddu.

Meanwhile, Guddu sends out his goons to Jaunpur and gives them a “shoot-on-sight” order for anyone connected to the Shukla family. IG Dubey meets Guddu and gets him to talk to Madhuri over the phone. Madhuri asks Guddu to hand over Beena and her son in exchange for his father’s freedom.

Guddu challenges Madhuri and she argues that the safety of Beena and her son were the only things stopping her from killing him. Guddu refuses Madhuri’s offer and asks Madhuri to do as she pleases.

At the Pandit house, Dimpy tells Robin and Vasudha that the judge on Ramakant’s case has been transferred. She adds that the hearing for the case had been moved to an earlier date which will make it difficult for them to free him. At the Tripathi house, Guddu tells Beena that he is prioritizing her freedom over his father’s and she is touched.

Meanwhile, Devdutt and Chotte argue about business-related affairs. Geeta asks the father-son duo to sort out their differences but Chotte insists on dropping Ginni off to school. There, Chotte visits the place where he had been hiding Golu and as it turns out, she is still alive. Suspicious of Chotte’s (who she believes is Bharat) behaviour, Saloni follows after him and learns that Chotte is hiding Golu.

Golu also tells Saloni that she has confused her brother-in-law to be her husband which leaves her shocked. Saloni is upset and tries to leave but Chotte pushes her inside the room and locks her there with Golu. At the same time, the hearing for Ramakant’s case takes place. Guddu shows up there for the hearing which turns out to be a shocker for everyone.

The judge looks at the evidence in the case and is about to sentence Ramakant to be hanged to death when Robin stands up. Robin states that the prosecution was fighting an illegitimate case as he was aware that SSP Maurya and Ramakant were trying to arrest Guddu for his crimes. He also adds that he had collected the evidence against Guddu and had given it to Ramakant.

Robin’s claim causes chaos in the courtroom and the judge asks the case to be further investigated. Ramakant is upset with Robin for putting the target on Guddu. PA Anand tells Madhuri that the plan was not executed as Ramakant was alive and Guddu had escaped as well. That night, Dimpy is pissed with Robin for keeping the truth about Guddu’s involvement in her father’s arrest.

Robin apologises to her and tells Dimpy that he was only trying to help her because he considers he to be his family. Guddu watches from outside as Dimpy and Vasudha hug Robin. He feels left out and starts a fight with Robin. Guddu loses his patience and attacks Robin, gouging his eyes with his thumbs.

The incident kills Robin leaving Dimpy and Vasudha shocked. The episode ends with Guddu coming to his senses after seeing Robin’s dead body with blood spattered across his face.

The Episode Review

This episode could be called the bloodiest and the goriest episode of this season so far, coming close enough to the bloody wedding from Season 1. From Parshuram killing himself after he believes that Golu has died to Guddu gouging Robin’s eyes with his bare hands and killing him in front of his sister and mother, the episode was a hot mess. 

Guddu is losing his mind and close to his end, I suspect. With Madhuri and IG Dubey, all against Guddu, it will not be hard for him to be held accountable by the law now that he killed Robin in his own house with two eyewitnesses watching. I suspect that Dimpy will finally get enraged now that her brother killed her boyfriend and I am excited to see how the season picks up after this.

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