Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 7 “Bum-pilaat” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Mirzapur Season 3 titled “Bum-pilaat” starts with Golu in the room where Bharat/Chotte shows up with food for her to eat. Golu cuffs herself to the chair and tries to instigate Bharat/Chotte into killing her. She calls him by his real name and Chotte’s mask breaks down. Golu tries to convince Chotte to kill his father and asks him to flee with her. She lies to him, stating she too loves him but Chotte gets upset.

Chotte gets upset when Golu tells him that he can never truly be himself until his father – Devdutt is alive. The episode then moves to the Tripathi house where Beena is alone and Guddu is nowhere to be found. On the other hand, Zarina forces Madhuri to dance for an advertisement campaign to promote their political party.

Just then, PA Anand gets a call from Beena who claims to be held hostage by Guddu and asks him to get Madhuri to release her. At the Shukla Manor, Shakuntala notices how Kaleen has become a homely man which is not like his old menacing self. Shakuntala gets a call from Beena, asking her to get Sharad to save her from Guddu.

Later that day, Sharad meets Chaddha and learns that Bharat/Chotte has not been doing business in the same way that he used to in the past. Sharad realises that something about this is odd and goes to meet him. At the same time, Devdutt gets emotional when a snack shop owner brings Chotte’s favourite snack for him to eat in his late son’s memory.

Devdutt takes the snack and eats it in private as Chotte watches from outside. Chotte gets a call about Golu’s father asking around for her whereabouts after she disappeared. Chotte threatens to punish his informant if the details about Golu being in Siwan get to Parshuram. On the other hand, Guddu attends the burial ceremony of Lala. He tries to talk to Shabnam but her daughter forces Shabnam to leave.

Later that night, Sharad meets Bharat/Chotte and tries to indirectly warn him about killing Golu. He asks Bharat/Chotte to get back to his life and his business now that he has avenged his twin brother’s death. Bharat/Chotte tells Sharad that he is waiting for Sharad to fulfil his promise of killing Guddu.

Sharad argues that killing Guddu was not easy as he had the shield of the throne of Mirzapur protecting him. Sharad cuts all personal ties with Bharat/Chotte and asks him to pay Chaddha for the alcohol consignment that was supplied to him.

The next day,  Kaleen tells Sharad that he had made a mistake by having Lala killed. He adds that Sharad had lost the upper hand now as Guddu had figured out a way to bring the drug consignment to Mirzapur using the waterways. Kaleen asks Sharad to ask Munnawar to call a meeting to try and stop Guddu from having his way. Sharad is hesitant to take a step back but eventually agrees.

Shakuntala tells Sharad that Beena has called her and asks Sharad to be careful when trusting Kaleen. Later that day, Munnawar calls Guddu and informs him about the meeting. He asks Guddu to bring a present to show his solidarity with the other dons and extend an olive branch to Sharad. Guddu shows up to the meeting at Sharad’s house and Kaleen overhears from inside.

Sharad tells the dons that the entire region of Purvanchal was suffering because of his fight with Guddu. The dons deliberate whether Sharad was in the wrong or Guddu. Sharad swears that he does not have anything to do with Guddu’s disappearance. He also adds that the region of Purvanchal should be divided into two so that Sharad’s Jaunpur would not have to interact with Guddu’s Mirzapur to help maintain peace.

Most of the dons agree with this decision and Munnawar also presents his approval. Guddu finally breaks his silence and tells Sharad that he is okay with the idea. He leaves his gift on the table before leaving. However, after the meeting, Shakuntala opens Guddu’s gift to find the head of Chaddha there.

Meanwhile, Devdutt argues with Bharat/Chotte and scolds him for being incompetent. He tells Bharat/Chotte how he was very incompetent in finding Golu. Devdutt takes Bharat/Chotte to a place where he had held a bunch of informants from Mirzapur hostage. Devdutt kills a bunch of informants in front of Bharat/Chotte, trying to find the information about Golu’s whereabouts.

Bharat/Chotte takes over when Devdutt is about to attack Golu’s informant. He silently asks the informant to keep his mouth shut. Devdutt is disappointed in Bharat/Chotte and leaves. Chotte goes to see Golu and tells her that his father loves him a lot.

Golu argues that the Tyagi family thinks Chotte is dead and only loves him in remembrance. She adds that the Tyagi family preferred Bharat more than him. Golu’s words rile Chotte up and he threatens to kill her. She brings up Guddu’s name which infuriates Chotte further.

Chotte asks if Golu loves Guddu and she confesses that Guddu was always the person she loved. The episode ends with Chotte telling Golu that if he does not get Golu, she will also never be able to meet Guddu as he points the gun at her and shoots.

The Episode Review

We are at the point of the show that Guddu is completely losing his mind and it is possible that the prediction that Kaleen made about him could be coming true. Golu brought control to Guddu’s air-headed mind and we can see how bad of an influence Beena is for him. On the other side of the spectrum is Chotte who is trying to convince himself that his family loves him and not his deceased twin – Bharat.

When Golu points out the obvious for him, he loses his mind. However, the way this episode ends, I do not think Golu is dead. The show has not been shy to show up gore and showing Golu’s dead body would be the only confirmation for viewers to be sure about her death. Kaleen’s role in the entire season has been terribly poor and I wish we see the same energy he had in Seasons 1 and 2.

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