Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 6 “Bhasmasur” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Mirzapur Season 3 starts with a bunch of Guddu’s thugs killing Sharad’s men as well as destroying the alcohol consignment. Sharad sends his goon to teach Guddu a lesson and the goon ends up killing Guddu’s thugs. Taking matters into his own hands, Guddu kills the thug to give a clear message to Sharad.

The constant use of drugs has turned Guddu into a maniac and he goes about killing anyone connected to Sharad. Guddu goes as far as killing one of Sharad’s acquaintances named Kripa in front of his wife and son. Sharad gets pissed upon hearing the news of Kripa’s death and decides to destroy him.

Kaleen asks Sharad to be calm and compares Guddu to the demon named Bhasmasur who eventually obliterated himself while trying to burn the world. Kaleen stops Sharad from calling a meeting of the thugs as he wants Sharad to have an upper hand over Guddu. He claims that the other dons will call a meeting because of Guddu’s antics and asks Sharad to stay calm.

Kaleen tells Sharad that he is going to back out of claiming the throne and will help Sharad take over after him instead of Guddu. The episode then jumps to Munnawar threatening Guddu and asking him to stop as his violent actions were causing harm to all of Purvanchal. Guddu tells Munnawar that he will not back down till he finds Golu.

Guddu asks Tausif to get ready to pick up the drug consignment as it leaves from Nepal to arrive in Mirzapur. That night, the cops show up and intercept the boat before it can enter Mirzapur. T o Guddu and Shabnam’s relief, Pyarelal Joshi was leading the cops. Instead of confiscating the drugs, Pyarelal brings the drugs to Mirzapur and hands them over to Shabnam.

Shabnam tells Guddu that his actions would ruin the business and cause her father great trouble. Guddu tells Shabnam that Golu is his priority and adds that he will not stop trying to look for her until she is found. Guddu gets aggressive with Shabnam and threatens to kill her if she ever speaks against Golu.

The next morning, Guddu sends out huge quantities of opium to the dons in all of Purvanchal for them to sell in and around the region. Beena tells Guddu that he was doing the wrong thing by making such huge quantities of drugs accessible to the public. Guddu argues that he was only trying to make sure the drugs were constantly supplied from Nepal.

Beena urges Guddu to address the grievances of the people in Mirzapur as he usually did to maintain his image as the ruler of Mirzapur. Meanwhile, drug trader Chaddha meets Sharad and tells him that the drugs Guddu was supplying to the Jaunpur market were far superior to the drugs supplied by Sharad. Sharad asks Chaddha to try and control the sale of Guddu’s drugs to ensure his business is running.

Chaddha counters that Guddu’s drugs were fast spreading throughout Purvanchal and asks Sharad to buckle up if he wants to compete against him. In prison, Ramakant helps defend Raheem among the other innocent convicts with him. Lala tries to extend an olive branch to Ramakant and asks the lawyer to file a bail petition for his release.

Ramakant tells Lala that he was willing to file a bail petition for him only if he confessed to his crimes. Meanwhile, IG Dubey shows up to meet Madhuri and gives her a list of police officers who were serving the local thugs and dons. Madhuri decides to take matters into her own hands and announces a transfer of all the cops without consulting Home Minister Shukla.

Meanwhile, Golu’s father talks to his superior and asks him to trace his missing daughter’s phone. Just then, all the police officers get calls about being transferred. Home Minister Solanki loses his mind and rushes to meet Madhuri. Madhuri talks back to Solanki in front of the other ministers and asks him to resign if he cannot follow her orders. Solanki is agitated and leaves.

At the Tripathi house, Beena is still paranoid about the cat and tries to set up a trap for it. Later that day, Bharat/Chotte takes some Chinese food for Golu to eat where he had kidnapped her. Golu realises that the person she is dealing with is Chotte and not Bharat. She addresses him by his real name “Shatrugan” which infuriates him.

That night, PA Anand shows up to meet Madhuri and turns on the news. He shows her how the news reporters along with the opposition party were bringing up the death of Madhuri’s first husband to bring her down. Madhuri asks PA Anand to start the campaign of their party candidate – Zarina who is also a famous dancer. Madhuri hoped that Zarina’s campaign would draw attention away from the news reports.

Madhuri invites Zarina to see her and asks her about her uncle – J.P. Yadhav who was one of Zarina’s clients. She tells Zarina that finding J.P. Yadhav would guarantee her a position in her party for the foreseeable future. The episode then jumps to a politician named Kushwaha who meets J.P. Yadhav in a temple where he is hiding, seemingly having left the outside world.

In prison, Ramakant continues to help convicts who had been wrongfully accused. A few days later, Robin, Vasudha and Dimpy take a bus to the prison along with the family members of the convicts Ramakant helped release. Inside the prison, a farewell ceremony for the to-be-released convicts takes place. At the ceremony, Raheem narrates a few of his poetries.

Lala is touched by Raheem’s skill and gives him some money to praise him. He hugs Raheem but the latter stabs Lala with a pencil, killing the drug trader instantly. Ramakant is shocked to see Raheem commit a crime right in front of his eyes as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The analogy that Kaleen has used to describe Guddu might just be accurate given the way he has lost everyone that he loved in his quest to win the throne of Mirzapur. I worry that this could be foreshadowing for the season finale and Guddu is going to lose his life with this season. That seems unlikely right now, but with Golu missing, there is a chance that our lonely hero may get into trouble, causing his world to further crumble.

On the other hand, Chotte will not kill Golu and even she knows it. It will be a treat to see how Golu escapes Chotte’s captivity and if he too will die in the process. As shocking as the death of Lala was, this episode was a pretty boring watch overall with nothing significant happening. I hope the show picks up pace and we see a twist in the last 4 episodes to come.

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