Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 5 “Traahi” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Mirzapur Season 3 titled “Traahi” starts with Golu collecting a huge sum of money from Robin before leaving to attack Kaleen.

Robin warns Golu about the risk she is taking but the latter tells Robin that she is going to eliminate the risk. Golu takes 5 thugs along to Siwan, a region outside Purvanchal. Golu’s informant takes her to the house that Kaleen was hidden in.

Golu manages to get to Kaleen after killing a handful of guards. As soon as Golu spots Kaleen, she realises that something is fishy and asks Santo and the other thugs to back out.

However, Bharat/Chotte’s men get to Golu and her thugs first, killing Santo and injuring Golu. Bharat/Chotte shoots Golu in the stomach and holds her captive.

A poet named Raheem is put in the same prison as Ramakant. The convicts force Raheem to narrate poetry but get offended when Raheem uses profanity. Ramakant defends Raheen and saves him from being attacked in prison.

Bharat/Chotte tells Sharad and Devdutt that some of Guddu’s thugs had shown up to attack Kaleen. Sharad refuses to believe that Guddu sent goons to kill Kaleen instead of killing him with his own hands. Realising that Kaleen could be in danger, he takes the injured man home with him.

The Tripathi housemaid, Radhiya notices that Beena has been hallucinating a cat around her newborn. Beena is panicky about the newborn’s safety in the Tripathi house.

At the same time, Devdutt is on his way home when Saloni makes Ginni call her grandfather asking if Bharat would be coming home that night.

Bharat tells Ginni and Saloni that he is busy because of the attack on Kaleen and will not make it back home. Saloni is upset but Bharat ends the call to aggressively threaten one of the thugs about being reckless while checking the vehicles exiting Purvanchal.

Meanwhile, Guddu returns to Mirzapur after successfully cracking the deal. He wonders where Golu is and asks around. Parshuram tells Guddu that he hasn’t spoken to his daughter in a while. Dimpy also tells Guddu that she is unaware of where Golu is.

Meanwhile, Shakuntala welcomes Kaleen and Sharad to Shukal Manor and Kaleen reconciles with Shakuntala. Just then, Sharad gets a call about Guddu and his thugs entering Jaunpur, the city where Sharad lives.

Sharad goes to intercept Guddu before he can enter the city. Sharad and Guddu have a war of words as Guddu blames Sharad for Golu’s disappearance. He offers to give Sharad drugs in exchange for Golu.

Sharad tells Guddu that he has nothing to do with Golu’s disappearance and asks him to return to Mirzapur.

Just then, Munnawar calls both Guddu and Sharad to stop clashing as their mediator. Guddu threatens to kill Sharad if anything were to happen to Golu.

On his way back home, Sharad calls Lala and calls him out for going behind his back to strike a deal with Guddu.

Lala tells Sharad that he wanted to be bailed out of the prison but since Sharad failed to fulfil his end of the deal, he had shaken hands with Guddu.

At the Shukla Manor, Shakuntala gives Kaleen some soup for dinner. Sharad tells the two that Guddu has found a supply of drugs.

Kaleen gives Sharad some insider information about the mode of drug transport. Kaleen states that the drug consignments were always taken to Mirzapur via the waterways.

Sharad passes this information to Madhuri and PA Anand. PA Anand alerts the cops, asking them to intercept the consignment before Guddu can get it.

Sharad and Madhuri start bonding over their partnership. PA Anand tells Madhuri that the narcotics department was ready to confiscate the drug consignment before it could enter Mirzapur.

At the Tripathi house, Guddu gets restless about Golu’s disappearance. Parshuram is also worried and tries to file an FIR about Golu being abducted.

Beena calls Guddu out for revealing the news about the consignment to Sharad. Guddu tells Beena that he is willing to give up the throne of Mirzapur for Golu.

Beena asks Guddu to think about his actions and sneaks some opium into him to help him relax.

Guddu refuses to take the drugs but eventually ends up snorting some of them as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The show is going all over the place and we are only on episode 5 right now. Now that we know that Bharat is Chotte cosplaying to be his late twin brother, I wonder how long his farce will continue. Chotte still is in love with Golu but I wonder what he will do to her now that he has kidnapped Golu.

Looks like teaming up with Kaleen was a good opportunity for Sharad because he is now aware of the mode of transport that Guddu is using to bring the drug consignment to Mirzapur.

Since fate always works in Guddu’s favour, he may get away with this one too. I, however, feel sorry for Guddu because Beena is doing to him what she did to Munna.

What this means for Guddu, we will have to see as the show progresses.

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