Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 4 “Kekadaa” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Mirzapur Season 3 starts with Bharat visiting the brothel where he pays to sleep with two prostitutes, taking the women inside a room. There, he makes the short-haired girl watch as he beats up the other with his belt.

The episode jumps to Shabnam talking to Pyarelal Joshi who tells her that Lala’s drug trade network would be transferred to someone else as he was not running his business. Pyarelal tries to threaten Shabnam and urges her to talk to Lala who is in prison. In court, Ramakant cross-examines Mrs Maurya, the wife of SSP Maurya.

Ramakant proves that he wasn’t a threat to SSP Maurya’s life as the Mauryas had hosted Ramakant for tea at their house on multiple occasions. The prosecution, Panchbhai introduces IG Dubey as the key witness in the case. Ramakant agrees to allow Dubey to testify in court. On the other hand, Shabnam meets Lala in prison who tells her that he had joined hands with Sharad.

Shabnam tells his father that she is competent and would be able to handle the business in his absence and states that Guddu is more trustworthy than Sharad. Lala concedes and allows Shabnam to take over the business. Shabnam goes to the Tripathi house to meet Guddu.

Back at the court, IG Dubey lies in court despite being under oath. He claims that Ramakant used to blackmail SSP Maurya to save Guddu from being arrested. Dubey also adds that Ramakant killed SSP Maurya to save his son. Ramakant refuses to ask any questions to Dubey. He tells the judge that he is going to fight for his freedom and would trust the courts to make the right decision.

The judge sees Dimpy’s face and states that the court will announce a judgment at the next hearing. Dimpy is with Robin when she wonders if fighting for her family is worth it. Robin tries to make Dimpy see why she should not give up now and asks her to go back to her hostel to pack up her bags.

Meanwhile, Bharat is sitting in a bar as he looks at a photo of Golu on his phone. Robin shows up there telling Bharat that he is quitting his business. He returns the money Bharat had invested and states that he is going to settle down. Bharat talks to Robin about the feeling of being in love and how it is similar to the life of a crab.

At the Pandit house, Dimpy calls Golu to talk to her. Golu gets emotional upon seeing the wedding photos of Sweety and Guddu. Dimpy tells Golu that she should think about herself and her future instead of following around Guddu. Golu tells Dimpy that Guddu needs her help. She meets Robin on the way out and asks him to keep the money she has invested until she asks for him to return it.

Back at the Tripathi house, Guddu refuses to strike the deal with Shabnam as he does not want to put her in danger again. Shabnam states that she is willing to take the offer to Sharad if Guddu’s side refuses. Golu intervenes and asks Guddu to let her handle the business.

Golu accepts the offer and strikes the deal with Shabnam. Golu agrees to go to Nepal to meet the client after Guddu asks to be kept out of the mess. Beena and Shabnam tell Golu that since Guddu was going to ascend the throne of Mirzapur, it would only be right for him to go to Nepal to meet the client.

Golu unwillingly agrees and stays behind. That night, Guddu manages to trick Mr Baig, the client selling the drugs and strikes a deal. He calls Golu to tell her that he is staying the night in Nepal before returning home the following day.

That night, Golu’s informant calls her about sighting Kaleen. She asks the informant to stay on the lookout while she talks to Guddu and calls him back. As it turns out, Bharat/Chotte had bribed the informant to lie to Golu.

Golu tries to call Guddu before attacking Kaleen but Gudde does not answer her call. Guddu invites Shabnam to his room and the two have dinner together. The two kiss as Guddu ignores Golu’s call. The episode ends with Golu telling her informant that she is on her way to kill Kaleen.

The Episode Review

Everything is going haywire now that we can see Kaleen is still recovering and nowhere close to taking over the business. I am sure many fans of the older seasons would agree that with Munna Bhaiyya out of the show, Mirzapur is lacking the fun that the previous seasons had. This season is quite a downgrade but Golu looks like a good contender to the throne, given her determination.

However, with Chotte/Bharat attacking Golu in Guddu’s absence, there is a lot at stake and I hope she does not end up dead after all. I wonder who really is Robin’s mother and if she even is alive. He is such a chaotic neutral on the show that it is hard to determine if he is a good person.

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