Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 3 “Pratishodh” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Mirzapur Season 3 starts with Robin showing up to see Ramakant in prison. He bribes the cop on duty and takes in a bunch of law-related books.

On Dimpy’s behalf, Robin urges Ramakant to defend himself in court and come back to his family who is helpless without him. Ramakant asks Robin to make sure Guddu is not dragged into the case. He asks the boy to protect his family in his absence.

On the other hand, Sharad meets Kaleen and tells him that Munna has died. Kaleen gets upset and wonders why Sharad tried to save him despite the rivalry between Kaleen and Sharad’s family. Sharad tells Kaleen that he needs to return to Mirzapur to take over the throne of Mirzapur. He riles Kaleen up to bring Guddu down by showing him who the boss is.

Sharad’s mother – Shakuntala tells her son to ensure the people of Mirzapur know that Kaleen is alive because of his intervention. She asks Sharad to take over the throne of Mirzapur replacing Munna.

Meanwhile, Bharat calls Golu and talks to her about the death of his twin – Chotte. Golu tells Bharat that while Chotte had fallen for her, she was not the one to blame for his death. Bharat threatens to punish Golu for what she has done and the latter accepts the challenge.

At the Tripathi house, Guddu listens to the grievances of the public and offers monetary compensation to them. The public sings praises of Guddu. Inside, Golu makes a deal with the opium traders but Guddu shows up there and refuses to deal with the brokers.

Golu accepts the deal but asks the brokers to accept her pricing for the consignment. Just then, Satya calls Golu to ask her to arrange for funds if she wishes to meet J.P. Yadhav. Meanwhile, IG Dubey meets Home Minister Solanki at his house. The two watch a news report of Madhuri addressing the public as the Chief Minister of U.P.

Madhuri promises to pay a compensation of 10 lakh rupees to all the victims of the attack at the bodybuilding event. She also states that Dubey has been suspended from the police force and adds that Solanki will take care of the compensation funds. Both Solanki and Dubey wonder why they are being dragged into the mess that Madhuri caused.

PA Anand tells Madhuri that she should try and reach out to her under J.P. Yadhav who used to arrange for funds for her. Anand claims that Madhuri should try and ensure her public image remains untainted. Madhuri refuses to seek help from her uncle who is in hiding. Anand asks Madhuri to look for other sources of funds. She agrees to have a meeting with Sharad.

At the meeting, Sharad brings a joint for Madhuri to smoke so that she can relax a bit. Madhuri smokes the joint and tells Sharad that she wants funds from him. Sharad states that granting bail to Lala would ensure the drug trade was functioning smoothly which would help with the funds that she needs. Madhuri refuses to grant Lala bail and gives him a solution to his problem.

In prison, Lala meets Ramakant and tries to strike a deal with him. Ramakant refuses to comply with Lala and states that he is a man of his principles. Lala tells Ramakant that if he stays in prison for long, Ramakant will soon forego his principles. Meanwhile, Ramakant gets assigned prison duty with Gerua, a man who despises lawyers and is known for killing lawyers.

At the Tyagi home, Bharat is playing with his daughter Ginni. His wife Saloni asks Ginni and Bharat to come to bed but he refuses. Bharat is about to go out for work when his mother – Geeta asks him to stay home and spend some time with family.

In bed, Bharat gets awkward when Saloni tries to make love to him. He gets a call from the brothel and Saloni gets upset. Bharat seems confused by the call and tries to reassure Saloni. Saloni claims that Ginni misses her uncle Chotte a lot and is happy that Bharat was being kind towards their daughter. Saloni kisses Bharat which leaves him shocked.

Meanwhile, Beena is panicky about her newborn son’s health with the threat of Kaleen’s return looming over her. Devdutt meets Kaleen and tries to urge him to take the medicines to get back on his feet. Kaleen states that he cannot recover from the loss of his son. Devdutt tells Kaleen that he too is in the same boat as him after Chotte’s death.

Bharat listens fearfully as Devdutt claims that Chotte was a prodigal son to him. Devdutt also adds that the Munna and Chotte were not worthy of the throne which is why they had died so easily.

Golu learns that Sharad has been taking a lot of trips to Bihar. She asks the informant to keep an eye on Sharad’s movements. Madhuri gives Sharad the right to cultivate opium from the fields that are under her name after Munna’s death. PA Anand asks Sharad to arrange for 50 million rupees before he could harvest from the opium fields.

Sharad talks to Lala and states that he would need some time to free him from prison. Sharad asks Lala to help sell the opium he was collecting through Lala’s network and promises to share the profits made from the trade in half.

In prison, Ramakant is in fear of being killed by Gerua. However, he learns that Gerua had been wrongfully arrested and was trying to get out of prison. Gerua asks Ramakant to help free him from prison by filing a mercy petition on his behalf. Ramakant asks Dimpy to file the petition for the local thug on his behalf.

Vasudha shows up to meet Ramakant and begs him to defend himself in court. The next day, Ramakant tells the court that he had killed the cop, SSP Maurya to defend his son.

The prosecution tries to object to the claim but the judge states that he would give Ramakant a chance to defend himself. Dubey meets Madhuri where she offers a solution to control the damage caused by trying to kill Guddu. She asks the cop to lie under oath as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

This episode makes the fact that Bharat is the one who died in the scuffle between the twins. Now that Chotte is living Bharat’s life, he is trying his best to convince his family. It seems that Geeta, his mother, can see through his lie but is willing to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, the partnership between Madhuri and Sharad is probably going to stop Guddu from running the drug business right.

I wonder if Golu will be able to procure the drugs from their client and continue the business as Sharad is already seeking Lala’s help for the trade. Madhuri is focussed on saving her face in front of the media but I wonder if trusting Sharad to help her is the right decision. From the looks of it, Ramakant is going to defend himself in court so I’m hoping to see him alive in this season!

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