Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 2 “Mexico” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Mirzapur Season 3 starts with a contract killer named Valmiki who works for the cops, hired to kill Guddu and Golu according to his chat with Madhuri. At the same time, Sharad tries to instigate Bharat about the death of his twin brother and blames it on Guddu.

Bharat’s father, Devdatt, wonders why Sharad is so hellbent on saving Kaleen’s life when Sharad’s late father hated him so much. Sharad claims that it is a game of power for him and adds that he needs Kaleen’s support to become the leader of Purvanchal.

Devdatt reminds Sharad that Bharat’s twin, Shatrughan (Chotu), was caused because of Golu. Sharad promises to end both Guddu and Golu once they regain power on the throne of Mirzapur. Meanwhile, Valmiki’s men get to work and keep a guard outside the Tripathi house where Guddu now lives.

Inside, Golu tells Beena that she is sure Kaleen is alive and hiding behind Sharad. Guddu tells Beena and Golu that he will no longer attend any of the meetings with the goons as he was disrespected there. Valmiki’s thugs try to kill Guddu and Golu from outside the Tripathi house but stop when they see Beena. The thugs follow Guddu and Golu, who visit the opium factory.

At the factory, Guddu meets the workers helping with the manufacture and trade of pistols. Golu goes to her college and hires five young men to work in the factory.

In prison, Ramakant gets treated just as badly as the other criminals. There, he runs into Lala who meets his lawyer and his daughter – Shabnam. Lala’s lawyer tells him that he’s not able to bail him out yet because of Madhuri, who’s the CM of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Shabnam apologises to her father for mixing up with Guddu and his friends which eventually landed him in jail.

At the Pandit house, Dimpy asks the judge in her father’s case to stall the hearing for longer to help with Ramakant’s release. Parshuram (Golu’s father) asks Dimpy if Golu and Guddu are in a relationship but Dimpy does not have an answer to the question. Parshuram visits the Tripathi house to meet Golu where he hands over the papers to Kaleen’s opium trade.

Golu learns that all of J.P. Yadhav’s opium fields are under Munna’s name. After Munna’s death, the fields were transferred to Madhuri, his wife. Beena suggests that Guddu should try and talk to Shabnam to get Lala to help them acquire the opium trade to gain power over Mirzapur. That night, Beena asks the maid to bring some opium she can use to drug her baby.

Meanwhile, Sharad meets Lala in prison and promises to help bail him out with Madhuri’s help. Lala takes Sharad’s word and sends over the entire batch of opium for him to trade. On the other hand, Madhuri meets with all the State ministers and fights with them to ensure the poor farmers have enough funds for the year.

Madhuri clashes with the elderly ministers and refuses to listen to orders from the men. PA Anand tells Madhuri that Sharad wants to meet her but the latter refuses to interact with him. At the same time, Valmiki asks Dubey to arrange for funds as he has a different plan in mind to attack Guddu.

Valmiki arranges a bodybuilding competition. He has Lakha Pehelwan, the organizer of the event, invite Guddu as the Chief Guest there. Guddu agrees but refuses to take Golu with him as his bodyguard. Golu leaves to visit a politician named Satya and threatens him, asking Satya to find J.P. Yadhav for her.

On her way back, Golu is late and does not make it in time for the competition so Guddu decides to go by himself. There, Guddu is embarrassed to learn that Lakha Pehelwan invited a local movie star, Suttan Jha, as a chief guest along with Guddu. Suttan arrives at the event and tries his best to intimidate Guddu unknowingly.

Valmiki and his men get ready to kill Guddu backstage, before the announcement of the winners. Valmiki’s men kill Guddu’s guards one by one. Meanwhile, Golu is stuck in a blockade where her father is one of the cops on duty. She asks her dad to give her car a way to exit the blockade and rushes to make sure Guddu is alright.

Guddu, on the other hand, has an argument with Suttan backstage and the latter undermines him for being a nobody. This riles Guddu up as he is attacked by Valmiki’s men. Guddu tries to escape the attack and fire back to the best of his ability, luckily killing most of Valmiki’s thugs. Valmiki is about to attack Guddu when Golu shows up in her car and knocks him out just as he is about to pull the trigger on her.

Guddu realises that Valmiki was sent by the police after seeing the holster by his waist. He decides to kill Valmiki but stops when Suttan shows up. Suttan apologises to Guddu for belittling him without knowing who he was. Guddu kills Suttan with Valmiki’s gun and places it in Valmiki’s hand, who at this point is very much dead.

The news of Suttan’s death spreads all over U.P. and there is public outrage due to the murder of a film star by a police weapon. Meanwhile, Guddu goes around the city of Mirzapur, breaking all the statues of Kaleen and his family members as the public sings praises of Guddu. Madhuri also meets severe backlash from the public.

The episode ends with Kaleen waking up from his coma as Devdutt welcomes him back.

The Episode Review

Something tells me that the person who died was Bharat and not Shatrughan (Chotu). I would not be surprised if the makers announced that Chotu was cosplaying to be Bharat, the son that Devdut was proud of. This could be the reason why he gets riled up when Devdut mentions Golu’s name.

It is interesting how Guddu planned the murder of Suttan and pinned the blame on Valmiki, killing two birds with one stone. Not only did he teach Suttan and lesson for belittling him, but he also made the situation unfavourable to Madhuri, who he did not know was behind the attack.

From the looks of it, Sharad will have to stop relying on Madhuri’s help and it is going to be hard for her to get out of this controversy. With Kaleen waking up as the episode ends, I am sure he is returning to Mirzapur to get his throne back and teach Guddu a lesson.

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