Mirzapur — Season 3 Episode 1 “Tetua” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Mirzapur Season 3 starts with the funeral of Munna Tripathi as Madhuri does the last rites of her late husband in the absence of a male figure from the Tripathi family.

Outside the crematorium, reporters hound Madhuri asking questions about Munna’s father, Kaleen Tripathi’s, absence from the cremation of his only son.

Madhuri addresses the reporters and pledges to stop the violence that has been going on in Mirzapur. Madhuri tells PA Anand that the throne of Purvanchal (where Mirzapur is located) is what killed her husband. She adds that she will destroy this throne now.

The episode then jumps to the hearing of the case against Ramakant Pandit after he turned himself in for the murder of SSP Maurya. Ramakant tells the judge that he should be held accountable for his crime. The prosecution, Panchbhai asks the judge to make sure Ramakant gets severe punishment for the crime as he planned the murder.

Panchbhai states that Ramakant had done so for the promotion of his son – Guddu’s business. The judge asks Ramakant to be kept in judicial custody until the next date of hearing. As Ramakant is taken to the prison, Guddu and his men stop the vehicle to talk to his father. Guddu urges his dad, who is a lawyer by profession to defend himself in court.

Ramakant tells his son that he has made up his mind about paying the price for his mistake. When Guddu offers to help Ramakant get away with the murder, he sends his son away and asks the cops to take him to prison.

Sharad meets Madhuri and offers his condolences to her. Sharad tells her that they should both work together for Munna as he had been there for Sharad after his father had died.

Madhuri tells Sharad that she will not support his criminal activities but is willing to partner with him otherwise.

On his way out, Sharad asks Madhuri and PA Anand if they have heard about Kaleen but the two deny it.

At the same time, Golu shows up looking for Kaleen on Guddu’s behalf. However, she finds herself facing the local thug – Uma Dutt. Golu is shocked to see Uma’s men beheading a teen boy.

Uma leaves Golu with a warning, asking her to keep Guddu in line as he wasn’t the ruler of Purvanchal yet.

Guddu shows up outside the police station to take his father’s scooter back home, just as he asked him to do. Back at home, Guddu asks his mother, Vasudha to live with him along with his sister Dimpy as they would be safer with him protecting them.

Vasudha refuses to leave the family home. Later that day, Madhuri meets police officer – Dubey and asks him to find a way to eliminate Guddu. She also tells him that her mother-in-law – Beena and her newborn child were in Guddu’s captivity.

She asks the cop to keep her out of the mess and asks if he has any information on Munna’s father – Kaleen.

In Mirzapur, Guddu and Golu have taken over the Tripathi family home after killing Munna and allegedly killing Tripathi. Beena looks at her newborn son, thinking about his father whose identity is still unknown.

Golu returns after failing to find Tripathi. Beena asks her to refocus and find Tripathi so that Guddu can be crowned as the king of Purvanchal’s underworld.

Golu tells Beena that the thugs from all over the state of UP (Uttar Pradesh) were going to contest an election to find the next leader after Kaleen.

Golu states that since Kaleen’s body was not recovered, Guddu would not be considered the usurper to the throne of Purvanchal. Beena says that an inside man has kept Kaleen hiding and asks Golu to use all of her might to take over the throne in Tripathi’s absence.

That night, Golu asks Guddu to make connections with the other goons around their area to make sure he is crowned as the leader of the thugs of Purvanchal (i.e. Mirzapur).

Guddu refuses to go to the meeting of the thugs as he wishes for the thugs to show their loyalty to him. At the meeting, Sharad riles up the handful of thugs and upon his mother’s request, meets the mediator of West Purvanchal – Munnawar.

Sharad and Munnawar team up and decide that Sharad should be named as the leader of Purvachal.

The next day, Golu and Brij try to convince Guddu to show up at the meeting where all the thugs from the Purvanchal area are going to gather. Guddu refuses to go there but Golu uses her strength and wit to convince him to make an appearance.

At the meeting, Munnawar points out how Guddu was missing from the meeting despite being the man to allegedly kill Kaleen. Munnawar and Sharad conclude that Sharad would take over the role of being the leader of Purvanchal. However, Guddu shows up there and mocks Sharad for being incompetent to rule over Purvanchal.

Guddu also states that irrespective of the fact that Kaleen’s dead body wasn’t found, he was still his usurper.

Sharad brings up the deaths of Sweety (Guddu’s wife), Bablu (Guddu’s brother) and Guddu’s unborn child to rile him up. The meeting ends with a commotion as Munnawar states that both Guddu and Sharad would have to prove themselves worthy of the throne.

On his way out, Sharad threatens Guddu. Golu concludes that Sharad was being ballsy around them because he was the one hiding Kaleen.

The episode ends with Sharad meeting Bharat at the place where they were hiding Kaleen. Sharad asks the doctor to do anything he can to bring Kaleen out of comatose.

The Episode Review

Looks like there is a lot more than just crime and drug trade happening in this season of Mirzapur. The politics has gone above and beyond the region of Mirzapur and now that thugs from all over Purvanchal are involved in the chase for the throne. While Guddu could be satisfied with the throne of Mirapur, being the leader of Purvanchal like Kaleen would mean that he had more power.

From the look of it, Golu is a lot more powerful than Guddu right now, both in mind and physically. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Golu take over the business as well as be in the running for the throne of Mirzapur given her wit and determination. However, we know that Kaleen is alive for sure and it will be interesting to see if he makes it out alive after all this. 


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