Mirror Mirror (2022) Ending Explained – What happens when the characters are controlled by their reflections?

Mirror Mirror (2022) Plot Synopsis

Spanish comedy-drama movie “Mirror, Mirror” on Netflix is directed by Marc Crehuet and it centers on four individuals at Manie Cosmetics. The storyline unfolds over the course of a single day and the four characters are under a lot of pressure at the firm’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

The characters in the movie can communicate with their reflections, which can details about their lives and deepest thoughts. The individuals’ reflections within the mirror serve as a metaphor for their internal selves, which pushes us to reflect and chuckle occasionally.

Paula is a talented young woman attempting to establish herself in the field while adhering to her convictions, and Cris, her sister, is attempting to understand gender and identity. Their boss, Alvaro, tries to make peace with his mediocrity. The day concludes with a party that takes an odd turn after various internal conflicts and disagreements.

What is the main theme?

It is frequently said that our second impulse represents who we truly are while our first impulse represents the things we have been trained to do. The movie is based on this concept, which is both saddening and uplifting because it raises the question of whether the motto “Be free, be you” will actually result in betterment.

How does Mirror Mirror begin?

In the opening scene, Alvaro and a female employee sleep together. The woman tends to reflect on how she didn’t enjoy the experience while they are evaluating each other in private, but Alvaro is confident she will end up falling deeply in love with him.

Paula is shown in the following scene creating a clip for her firm’s 50th anniversary, through which she has incorporated staff from her workplace and presented an incredibly inclusive appearance. Paula dismisses her sister Cristine’s warning that it may not sit well with the Manie Cosmetics executives.

Cristine’s internal critic warns her while also comforting her about where she fits in the world. Her voice assures her that she doesn’t need to see her counselor again when she questions if she might have to. There is nothing wrong, which is another factor that discourages many people from seeking assistance.

Paula, on the contrary, seems to have a voice inside of her that claims that she is perfect and anyone who disagrees with her is either extremely envious or just resentful.

Does Paula’s video impress Alvaro?

Alvaro requests that Paula remove the clip right away the following day as he doesn’t like it. She is so agitated by that, that she begins to cry. Alberto, another office employee who appears in the clip, attempts to console her as he has a major crush on her. He is typically a helpless man who everyone appears to take full advantage of. He hears a harsh inner voice that is repeatedly telling him that he is not good enough for Paula and to back off.

Why does Paula take Alvaro’s place as the speaker?

Alvaro is informed by his supervisor Ernesto that the head of the company enjoyed the clip a great deal and expects them to put together a strategy to support it irrespective of Alvaro’s refusal.

Alvaro, who is utterly confused, goes on to ask Paula what he can do to prepare for his own speech. He’s probably about to start crying at this point. His inner critic dislikes how he constantly talks about himself and how all they do is discuss him.

Alvaro’s personality compels his reflection to simply stop looking out for him, leaving him without one. That means he has to get rid of the sense of worth that he has been stuffing into himself for decades. Alvaro struggles to explain the plan to the President during the gathering. Paula is prompted to take over by Ernesto, and the board accepts her right away.

Why does Alberto abandon his reflection?

When Alvaro runs into Alberto, he feels lost without his reflection, but he claims to be happy without his reflection and states that he’s better off without it. Alberto requests his own reflection to leave after recognizing the opportunity. He becomes a man who believes he rules the world as a consequence. He is no longer meek, but he is still insufferably pretentious.

What persuades Antonia that the office employees are kind?

Antonia, the receptionist, accepts Alberto’s invitation to the office celebration. Antonia is continuously urged to set everything on fire and is constantly reminded of the sheer joy that comes from doing so by her own internal voice. She claims she enjoyed the odor when she burned three chickens along with a parakeet.

However, Antonia quiets the voice. She gains confidence when Alberto offers to take her to the party because it disproves her internal voice and shows that perhaps the people in the office are kind.

What drives Cris to accept who she truly is?

Cristine is dealing with her own challenges. “Cristian” her alternate personality has taken the place of her reflection. She has resisted it for decades, however, this is who she truly is and has always been. After 4 years, she returns to her counselor, who is upset with her for abruptly ending their sessions and won’t give her any more therapy.

Cristine decides to visit a dress shop to purchase an outfit for the party as she becomes increasingly insecure about who she is. Cristian is successfully restrained there, but she no longer finds comfort in her reflection. She sought that as a child to keep her safe, but after lying for so long, she became unhappy.

When she arrives at the hair salon, she discovers that a party is already going on. She starts a discussion with one of the employees there, Pol, and requests him to trim her hair the same way he has his hair trimmed.

What causes Alvaro to lose his sense of self?

Alvaro is also experiencing a breakdown. His mom is the one who has the most faith in him. He has spent his entire life being elevated by her, which has led him to become very comfortable with his complacency without ever challenging it. When he admits that he isn’t all that brilliant, his entire world falls apart, and he loses all sense of who he is.

What happens at the office party?

Paula delivers the monologue at the office celebration while Alvaro sits in the background. Cristine arrives intoxicated but in full character. She seems to have very short hair, is sporting binders, and has changed her name to Cristian.

Paula rejects Alberto’s attempt to kiss her as he begins to sing a piece of music that he dedicates to her. After being turned away from the party and getting tired of being overlooked and hidden, Antonia decides to light the venue on fire in the middle of everything. Paula and Antonia’s eyes lock as the guests run away, and she mutters, “Be free, be you”. The figures of our lead characters become warped, as though she has cursed them.

What happens when the characters are controlled by their reflections?

Starting with Paula, the company is considering hiring her, and she suggests the capitalist tactic of continuously exploiting the idea of “freedom of expression” to promote their makeup without actually changing anything. She is offered a job. Paula never received her father’s blessing and was frequently criticized for being “lazy” like her mother. There isn’t much background information available, but it appears that Paula’s god complex was caused by the same thing that prevented Cristine from becoming who she genuinely is. Because Paula thinks there is beauty in everybody, she genuinely thinks she is superior to everybody else.

However, she doesn’t genuinely think it, as evidenced by the fact that she tried to compliment Maria Carmen without really needing to. No one was tricked by the cringe-worthy monologue apart from Alberto, who merely wanted the approval of his love interest. Paula made it her life’s mission to become as accepting of everybody as possible because she was starved for approval from her parents. This was a noble goal, but it was pursued with incorrect motives, which served only to distance people from the real discussion. But her inner self didn’t share these illusions.

Allowing their reflections to rule was the most beneficial thing to ever happen to Alvaro as well as Cristine. Cristine can become who she always desired to be. Alvaro would have to begin his journey from scratch in order to discover who he is as an individual.

Alberto has abandoned the image in the mirror. In the climax, he is the only lead character who turns away from himself. The sole reflection that despised him was his. Despite never liking himself, Alberto has always aspired to be the best in the world. The weak side is of no use to him. He consequently turns away from his reflection when it begins to dominate him in order to bury that aspect of himself.

The protagonists and their reflections are all that is displayed on the screen while the camera zooms out and the lighting changes. This might be an apt representation of the characters’ feelings of fear and dread as they prepare to begin living as their true selves.


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