Minx – Season 1 Episode 2 “Au revoir, le double dong” Recap & Review

Au revoir, le double dong

Episode 2 of Minx starts with an absolutely hilarious opening. Bambi is about to film a scene involving spanking a naughty schoolgirl (played by Staci) but she ends up creating a whole scenario for how unfair it is.

Joyce’s feminist message is starting to empower the women, and this whole scene is such a wonderful way of depicting the changing values and ideas these women have.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Doug pitch their erotica magazine to various different advertisers, trying to drum up support for the upcoming release of Minx. Naturally, Joyce is uncomfortable with the advertisers they’re trying to bring onboard, including sex toys and cigarettes.

Joyce visits her sister, Shelly, at the tennis club and grins painfully through Mr Ross’ clear sexism and disdain over the women eating bacon. “My wife swears by half a grapefruit a morning.”

While the pair scoff at his statements, they do believe this is a golden opportunity to try and pitch to the businessmen at the club. Although things don’t go well to begin with, things do eventually take a promising turn when Mr Ross – who owns Beckley Cosmetics – notices what they’re doing. He’s intrigued, and eventually offers her a meeting with Doug present too.

Doug arrives fashionably late but Mr Ross is predictably sexist and ends up talking to Doug alone in the lounge, ignoring Joyce completely.

With Joyce twiddling her thumbs, Doug comes back with good and bad news. The good news is, they’ve got the adverts. The bad news is, it comes with the added stipulation of a night with Bambi. So naturally, Joyce confronts Mr Ross about his proposition and his wandering hands in the past, calling him out for the sexist pig that he is.

When Mr Ross bites back with a scathing assessment of Joyce’s father, she punches him. Ross chokes on some food, struggles to breathe, prompting Bambi to jump in and help save his life.

Whey he’s taken away in an ambulance, it seems Joyce has had to fall back on her sex toy adverts after all. However, this has the adverse effect of allowing her and Shelly to be more open, discussing sex and orgasms. Shelly calls out Joyce for not being very feminist, pointing out that she shouldn’t need a man to pleasure her. She should be able to do that herself.

So Joyce does just that when Shelly leaves. Curtains drawn, candles lit; Joyce starts trying the sex toys for herself.

The Episode Review

Minx has been a real surprise this year and could actually be one of the better releases this month. Joyce’s character is so relatable, while the ides being presented are timely, smartly written and handled elegantly to prevent this slipping into a preachy melodrama.

Instead, Minx leans into the comedic side of things while simultaneously showing Joyce expanding her horizons but still sticking to her ideals of being a feminist. It’s a really smart way of writing her character and something that make her instantly likable.

Not only that, Minx manages to bring in a clever wit and a memorable cast of supporting characters, including Bambi and Doug who both stand out in their own ways.

If this is a sign of things to come, Minx could well prove to be one of the bigger surprises this year.

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