The Minions of Midas – Season 1 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review


Episode 6 of The Minions Of Midas begins with Victor heading back home after his horrific evening in the park. He has a shower to try and wash away the shame but it’s no good, he’s too far gone now. Drying up, he rings Monica and tells her he’s paid Midas and the extortion is over.

In the morning, Conte looks online and discovers the homicide of Eugenio – the man Victor killed in the park. After deliberating slightly, he phones Natalia and asks for a favour. There’s 4 days until the European summit and with protests still rife throughout the city, the government ramp up their efforts to try and thwart the riots and put this situation to bed once and for all.

Victor heads back to Mauro’s and hands over the briefcase of money to him. He tells him he’s starting to regain control now and breaks open his safe back home.

Overlapping narration confirms that he’s got some documents for Pilar which incriminate the previous government and the newspaper. Victor demands she get started on this, and leaves it in her hands to sort out.

Natalia runs into Conte at the bar and hands over the text messages she’s obtained between Victor and the Minions Of Midas. With the last one congratulating Victor and confirming the deal is near an end, Conte deliberates over his next move.

The Civil Guard arrive at the newspaper with plans to arrest Luis for a number of different charges. He’s taken out his office in handcuffs but keeps his head held high when he does. It turns out he’s made a pact and when Monica finds out about this, Victor comforts her.

The next day, Victor calls an emergency investor and shareholder meeting to take place the following day. Before that though, he gives Laura a changed set of demands surrounding their parental responsibilities.

Given how well he’s been getting on with Marcos lately, in order to settle he’ll take over as the sole care-giver for Marcos and live in that house. Laura will be able to see Marcos whenever she wants and get a handsome settlement amount for her troubles. Teary eyed and reluctant, she eventually agrees to these terms.

Meanwhile, Conte heads up to the park where Victor shot the runner dead. After looking around, he heads up to see Victor and decides to confront him over what happened. Victor refuses to give him the time of day, especially given their last frosty conversation. Conte calls him out regarding Midas’ message about “one life for many” and Victor realizes that he knows what’s going on.

With the paper on the verge of shutting down, Victor promises to do what he can with Luis, even going so far as to proposition a brand new paper that he and Monica could launch.

When Victor heads to work the next day, things take a turn for the worst. The takeover bid has fallen through and the newspaper is stuck with nowhere else to turn. As a consequence of this, Victor is forced to brief the team and close the newspaper down. In order to salvage the company though, he starts a coalition with Jose, holding hands with her during a big press conference while preparing for this brave new future.

Unable to get through to Victor, Conte instead turns his attention to the other detectives on the force, bringing up the time of the murder and telling them Victor was in the park around the same time. Given the way Conte left though, they refuse to give him the time of day and entertain his ideas.

At Monica’s apartment, a memory stick is attached to her front door containing all the information on the Midas case – including the text messages Victor received. Although it’s not explicitly told, it’s pretty obvious that this was Conte.

Monica assumes as much too and speaks to Conte about the documents. He remains cagey though and refuses to admit he was the one who handed over the documents.

At Victor’s house (the one he’s now usurped away from Laura), Victor receives another letter from the Minions Of Midas. They challenge him over the consequences of his actions and discuss a journalist close to him digging into the truth. That journalist, of course, being Monica.

If they don’t hear from him by the following afternoon then they’ll “take care of this nagging issue”.

The next day, Monica calls Victor out for his lies, knowing that he didn’t pay Midas. She also knows about the runner and confronts him about the park incident. Victor openly admits it too, telling her he had to do this. Monica is having none of it and promises not to keep quiet. Victor pleads with her to stop – but she doesn’t.

When she leaves, it turns out Monica recorded their entire conversation together and has audible proof that Victor’s lying. Monica heads back to her apartment, snatching up her things and heads back out on the road again.

When she does, violence and anarchy continues to grip the street as day turns to night. She heads inside El Nacional, now completely abandoned, and prepares to publish what she knows online.

This catches us up to the moments during the opening of episode 1 as riots break out in the street. Just before Monica presses publish, several armed riot officers grab her and stop the journalist from uncovering the truth.

In the morning, news reports confirm that Monica has been killed but they write it off as an unfortunate victim in the midst of the rioting.

With Monica dead, Victor reads another email from the Minions Of Midas who welcome him into their brotherhood. They have great plans for him and ask to meet outside. A limousine awaits him and inside is… who knows. The episode ends before we can find out.


An ending can make or break a series and this is unfortunately another example of an ending gone completely wrong. There’s no comeuppance for Victor’s actions, no resolution for Conte’s investigation and Monica suffers an unfortunate death at the end.

If there’s an award for the most unsatisfying ending to a series since Game Of Thrones, this has to be up there.

The entire series has you waiting to find out who the Minions of Midas are and – unless I’ve missed something across these 6 episodes of course – it ends with absolutely no pay-off to these big questions.

That’s before mentioning the police investigation which fizzles out thanks to the powers that be deciding not to proceed. It’s such a shame and despite a relatively strong start, this one ends with a really unsatisfying ending.

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29 thoughts on “The Minions of Midas – Season 1 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review”

  1. Terrible ending. Too many Netflix shows with ‘meh’ endings, like they run out of interest in telling the story.

  2. 6 hours of incoherence. Could possibly be the worst show I’ve ever seen. Plan 9 from outer Space made more sense

  3. What Season 2? It’s a “Limited Series.” Doesn’t that mean the whole story was told (or should have been told) during the 6 episode?

  4. Season 2 coming up?
    Possible scenario: Monica had already pressed the “submit” button before the killers arrived.
    (we see her fingers slightly touching the button). Conte takes over.

    This is what I’d expect to see. I’m sorry guys but without a nemesis the series is meaningless.

  5. I feel validated.
    During all 6 episodes I felt stupid.
    Now I know that I am not the only one scratching my head

  6. I actually liked the show and didn’t mind the ending. I figured they would leave us wondering which in itself is a nice change. It’s a thought-provoking show that leaves things open to interpretation. I thought Monica was foolish when he tried to warn her and she wanted to be a martyr. Overall, I was engrossed from beginning to end. Although I didn’t understand the killing the jogger being enough and how that was suppose to be clear to him from the start.

  7. I agree with all of the negative comments above. This BS robbed me of a day of my life bingeing on it.
    It was/is incoherent and puerile.
    Why ,without any warning or reason, does Vitor kill an unknown, (to him) jogger in a park? How is this related to an already incoherent plot?

    There is no discernible connection at all between the publisher and the Syrian regime or the Bank.

    Quite wha the mother’s baby grand piano adds to the plot I have no idea.

    It’s pathetic.
    Why does is provide him with a passport to join the Minions ?
    Why didn’t he just kill the first person; have done with t and =save the real world thousands of hours of time?
    Utter BS
    Don’t waste your life
    Like i did mine.

  8. obviously the minions of Midas were all the people in the party of the merging
    when Victor found the last lettre in his own home during the party , he looked up and saw everyone cheering him ( no one can put it out there without being noticed )
    Then At the last scene when the door of the car opened he smiled like
    he saw a friend
    of course inside the car was his friend Maria who was trying to buy him off since the beginning
    I think the whole purpose of The Minions was to corrupt him and kill his conscious as if to say there is no place for honourable men in new world

  9. rewatch the conversation between victor and his lawyer; in his lawyer’s office; the lawyer gave us a hint that maybe the old owner of Mlavar group is still alive and behind all that minions of Midas thing.

  10. My take from this movie is that the world is changing, and that business is also having to change. No longer can small businesses compete against the big corporations. To compete or stand out is the question that Victor had to face. Remember, everyone was shocked when he got the job…but hadn’t paid the price. What would you be willing to do for that job? That to me was the question. He reached a point in his life when everyone was gone. He was alone sitting in a bar, his family abandoned him and no relationship. To me, he was beginning to realize that maybe money wasn’t everything. And that’s when Minions stepped in and began to pull him back. Victor proved that given the right circumstances, anyone can be corrupted.

  11. This ending left me quite confused. Maybe something was lost in translation. All I can figure out is this started out seeming like the Minions of Midas were wanting Victor to give up all his money. In spite of their killing people off if he didn’t pay up, I thought they were giving the money to those in need.

    But at the end It seems like the Minions were the rich people, and they just wanted to see how far Victor would go to keep his wealth. If he sacrificed all for money he could join them. He was truly a disappointing character. I guess the only hero in the series was the detective, Conte played remarkably well by Guillermo Toledo.

  12. I join those who think Jose was in the stretch limo. Can’t understand why Victor, who surely sold his soul to the devil, did the seemingly good thing of fulfilling his son’s wish by going to live with him – I suppose it’s bad cos he paid off the mum (& Marcos will know his mum took money for him, kind of sold him) & also cos Marcos will now follow his evil dad’s footsteps into the DopaM immoral world of corporate capitalism (whereas he’d wanted to cut Marcos off from any inheritance money at one point, when he was still “good)…

  13. The Guy realised it was an initiation into a secret society in episode 5.

    He refused to part with his bag of cash.

    Then he got the message about making a choice.

    He chose to die (his personality) for his money.

    Everybody he turned to let him down.

    He made a choice.

    He got insight when he was talking to his son about playing computer games and his son mentioned killing zombies.

    It was only all about recruiting him from the beginning.

    There is much more to say…

    Watch with your hears and mind not just your eyes.

  14. Maybe the elites wanted to confirm that Victor was worthy to become one of them by seeing if he was capable of 1)killing a random stranger and 2) allowing his love to be murdered, in order to safeguard his fortune. If he had given away his fortune to save individuals he did not know he would have failed the test and joined the ranks of has-been losers. Once his ruthlessness was established he became one of the 1%. Midas sacrificed his humanity for gold. Just a thought

  15. I agree with most of the comments. It was really good for awhile but so many things left unresolved. Why would him killing someone be a substitute for the original extortion amount? Why would he believe these people anyway to keep quiet about the killing he had done? Agree that the ending was terrible. Natalia was no fool and would have left the evidence with someone. Killing her would not be an assurance to the end of this nagging problem.
    Too bad because this had a lot of potential early on.

  16. I saw this completely different. He killed someone and therefore saved weekly killings! So ? Is, would we kill one person to prevent so many other deaths? I didn’t like that Monica abandoned him, yet when Luis sold out the paper with the “ pact” with the government, she excused him! Told Victor not to abandon Luis! It seems everyone has a morality meter! Even his exwife abandons her son for a massive amount of money! I believe there will be another series and then we will know who is in the Minion of Midas! I would bet on Jose or even his attorney!

  17. The ending was a complete letdown. Who gave clearance on this ending? It was completely silly.
    What a waste of time.

  18. I believe this his old girlfriend who wears gold all the time Jose
    She had a letter with the same seal when she gave the offer to buy originally in episode 3 or 4. She’s a globalists consolidating new on her online platforms. The new kings. The Midas kings. He’s now one.

  19. I think the ending was intended to string us along into watching a second season. I started disliking Victor after he killed the jogger. I cannot stomach Victor for having allowed Monica to be killed.

  20. I have not been so disappointed in a series. I wasted a perfectly good Saturday binging on this show. What is the point of the brotherhood? No redeeming quality. Just unnecessary death.Terrible, terrible.

  21. Did anyone noticed in episode 5 that when he was hosting the party after Grupo Malvar was bought, after he returned from reading the letter, everyone there at one point were raising there glasses cheering? For some reason I thought that people there were all members of the group…

  22. I enjoyed watching the series but it left me puzzled and confused. The ending is rather unsatisfying and made me feel as if I should get it but couldn’t because I am not smart enough. I should maybe watch it again to try to grab the essence of the story, but I don’t think I will, it seems like a lot of work, for what?

  23. Stupid ending. I feel like I wasted my time watching all those episodes because we never did find out who the minions of Midas were. What organization they represented or why they ask Victor into their Brotherhood . stupid ridiculous waste of time. Don’t watch it

  24. Initiation,
    They where initiating him that’s why he was ordered to kill that guy hence he kept saying he sold his soul🙄

  25. I don’t understand how Victor was supposed to kill the guy in the park and for what reason. The whole story made no sense whatsoever unless I missed something.

  26. I agree. I think the whole series went down hill in episode 5 when Victor’s personality did a 180 and he killed an innocent person. Then it turns out that he is happy to join the Minions of Midas. It looked to me like he knew the person in the car at the end. I think they didn’t show who it was because they are hoping for a season 2. Finding out who it is would be the only reason I would watch a season 2 if there is one.

  27. I agree. I think the whole series went down hill in episode 7 when Victor’s personality did a 180 and he killed an innocent person. Then it turns out that he is happy to join the minions of Midas. It looked to me like he knew they person in the car. I think they didn’t show who it was because they are hoping for a season 2. Finding out who it is would be the only reason I watch a season 2 if there is one.

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