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Way Out

Takeover at the newspaper begins episode 5 of The Minions Of Midas as Victor watches the news with shock. Luis realizes that everything is going to hell but remains confident that Monica’s article is the best thing the newspaper has published in years.

Conte continues to raise suspicions at work but his internal investigation doesn’t bring up anything out the ordinary. He does, however, question his superiors and why they haven’t been in touch. He challenges whether they may have some part in all this but this doesn’t hold any weight.

Victor’s downward spiral of depression continues, ignoring all calls except those from Jose. He heads over to hers and the two have dinner together. She tells him to let everything go and not worry about the company. After all, in this climate all that really matters is money.

On the back of all these deaths, the National Centre of Security steps up and takes over the Midas investigation. It looks like Conte has got his wish and right now, Midas are a matter of national security. They ask all the officers for their ID and badge number, preparing to investigate everything thoroughly.

While Conte thanks his associates for their hard work so far, Victor is brought in to a meeting with a combination of national security and police. He’s introduced to Elena, Afonso and Marta who all conclude that there’s no connection between the victims outside of Victor’s word.

They’re going to drop the case and examine each of them just like they would anything else and even give him back the 5 million euros. They want Victor to go back to business as usual and pretend like nothing happened. Or – as Victor so eloquently puts it – a bribe. 

Victor changes his mind and decides to set aside the money he needs to try and fight this. When he talks to Mauro later that day, Victor learns that his Father changed his will 2 weeks before that tragic car accident took his life.

Meanwhile, Monica bags an interview with Gerardo Pinzon. She heads up to his estate and asks about the company and when he sold his stake – 80 million euros to be precise. She’s suspicious around what drove him to give up all of that. He claims to be tired but remains guarded over his answers.

Getting nowhere, she changes the subject to the Minions of Midas but he doesn’t have a lot to tell. He tells her his decision to sell was his own and not linked to Midas at all.

Back home, Conte visits Victor and feeds back what he intends to do. Conte propositions that Midas could be a secret society full of numerous people operating on the fringes of the law. Conte admits that he entertained the idea of killing Victor – one more death to avoid all other deaths – but decided against this and ultimately has resigned from the force. Victor tells him he was right to quit and just like that, the duo go their separate ways.

Victor composes himself and decides to sell his stake in the company and give it to charity. He asks to negotiate but Laura’s having none of it. She claims the money is Marcos’s and refuses to budge on that.

On the back of this, Victor decides to stop playing games and succumbs to the Midas’s plans. He follows the instructions given, heading to a bridge with a briefcase full of money. Only… he has second thoughts and picks it back up again, driving off. When he does, a car follows in hot pursuit.

Victor parks up when he reaches town but as he brandishes his gun, the car slowly reverses and leaves. It’s a clear message and one that’s followed up by another text from the Minions Of Midas.

They warn that because of his hesitation, another victim is imminent. Sensing the worst, Victor heads off and spends time with Marcos, admitting to him that he could lose the company but that’s not what’s important right now.

After giving him a big hug, Victor prepares for the worst as he re-reads the messages from Midas and tries to interpret it.

Monica meanwhile heads on-air and gives an impassioned plea on national TV about picking sides and the problems within society. It’s a rally call – a last ditch attempt to try and change a broken system – but with all hope seemingly lost, it feels like a whisper in an echo chamber of noise.

A desperate Victor heads out to the park with his handgun, deliberating over whether to follow through with the Midas plans or not. Eventually he does and shoots a runner passing by dead. As Victor makes it back into his car, he receives a message from Midas congratulating him for a job well done and that they’ll be in touch shortly.

The Episode Review

With Victor now diving off the deep end and forced to do the unthinkable, all hope is seemingly lost for our protagonist. It still remains to be seen exactly who The Minions Of Midas are.

On top of that, the series has done a good job building this up around the political drama and civil unrest, although there have been times where this show has felt unnecessarily slow and padded out.

Still, all eyes now turn to the finale as we await exactly how this tale will end.

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2 thoughts on “The Minions of Midas – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review”

  1. If I could examine correctly, and maybe if this turn out to be obvious, the culprit of this all came down to the government itself wanting to get monica killed in the first place. Monica was killed by the riot official officers, and Victor was escorted with a luxurious car in the end of the series. It was one of the elite member within the government. It should be.

  2. I don’t understand how Victor understood that he had to kill someone after he read the last email from the minions. I also don’t understand why the minions said he was now off the hook. It just seemed so out of character for Victor. He felt so guilty about all the other deaths but then he turns around and kills an innocent person? Doesn’t make sense. To make matters worse he then becomes a ruthless businessman plotting his own schemes to bring people down and get what he wants. Plus why didn’t Victor just say from the start that it wasn’t his fault people were being killed? It was the fault of the Minions of Midas. They were the ones deciding to kill people. They were the ones who could make it stop. Victor could have just ignored all the letters and emails and he never would have known where the next murder would happen and he would just think they were terrible accidents like everyone else. Such a stupid premise when I think about it. Plus was Conte in on it? When he called his boss to say he was resigning, his boss got angry and said if Conte talks then they all go down. Sounds like Conte was involved in the scheme but his conscience couldn’t handle seeing all the info ent people getting killed. After all didn’t he suggest to Victor at one point to pay the whole amount and be done with it? And what about the guy they thought was their suspect but then he dies in the police car? It was obvious it wasn’t an accident. He and his cat died from drinking poisoned milk. How did the poisoned milk get in his apartment and how did the person who put it there know that he would drink it right before being arrested?

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