The Minions of Midas – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


After Victor reveals the truth about what’s going on, episode 4 of The Minions Of Midas begins with Monica doing her best to get back into the swing of work.

Luis meanwhile walks purposefully into Victor’s office and tells him the truth about his Father and the case. It turns out Luis knew about this conspiracy long ago and he was the one who intentionally sent Monica out to Syria, knowing that Said would tell her what’s going on.

While Victor deliberates over what to do with this information, Monica too is conflicted over what’s happened. She even pauses on a newspaper headline reading “Only the truth will save lives.”

Conte meets Victor again and shows him a number of different protestors that were there that afternoon. Victor doesn’t recognize any of them though but it doesn’t deter Conte from the case. He remains fixated on finding those responsible.

With no other leads to go on though, Victor decides to go ahead and place the ad, transferring the 5 million while Conte does his best to get a cyber team in place to track it.

That team is fronted by a woman called Alex who speaks in layman’s terms over what she’s doing. They’re using the best software on the market to track the funds and although it’s a little faster, she’s not 100% sure it’ll be fast enough to catch the real culprit.

Still, Victor takes a leap of faith and posts the ad as requested. Afterward, he heads over to see his son and the pair start connecting as a Father and son.

Conte examines videos from the protest and seems to find someone who may match the description of the killer. Matching his face up to CCTV footage, this man seems to fit the profile.

After the ad, Victor receives word from Midas. He needs to transfer the funds the following day via online banking. If he can do that – and they don’t suspect any suspicious activity in the meantime – then it will end the nightmare befalling Victor. If they sense they’re being monitored though, someone else is going to die.

Back home, Monica deliberates over the files and decides Victor should leak everything to the press about what’s happening. He’s not so sure though when he hears her plan and believe it’ll end his career if he does that.

Instead, Monica comes up with an alternate plan. He pay Midas the 50 million euros and be done with this whole situation. It really is a difficult decision but one that ultimately ends with Victor sending the 5 million as requested and following Conte’s advice.

It’s touch and go as they transfer the funds. Alex is watching with her team and prepares for the next step. Having done the hard part, Victor takes a day off work and hangs out with Monica instead. She even offers to leave her job for him too.

While they enjoy their afternoon, Alex runs into massive problems at the station as the funds disappear from her radar and she loses track of it. Whoever is doing this clearly knows their stuff and manages to evade the police’s watchful eyes. Despite not catching Midas, it does mean that no one will die so at least there’s some form of a silver lining.

Conte arrives at Victor’s house and breaks the bad news. They’ve lost the signal and his 5 million euros. Víctor is understandably unhappy but manages to swallow his pride long enough to realize he saved an innocent life too.

That evening, Monica heads out with Victor to a party. Jose happens to be there and after making acquaintances, they get into the swing of thing.

Soon they’re invited up to the VIP room where the pair start to unwind. Jose commentates on this moment, mentioning how this stage of the party is when the magic happens and anything can happen.

As home truths are revealed, Monica admits how badly she feels about what happened in Syria. The party eventually comes to a close and Victor drives Monica home, On the way, Victor tells her he loves her. Monica smiles politely and leaves.

Conte rings Victor and reveals some surprising news. The 5 million euros have been split into 10,000 different parts; 500 euros to different accounts that appear to be at random. This seems to be a clear message that the deal is off; another victim is almost certain now.

Alex refuses to be defeated by this and tries to find a clue that ties everything together. While she does, Monica speaks to her Mother and tries to piece together her own feelings toward Victor.

Alex’s perseverance pays off and she notices a ping online that shows the money being moved. With an address secured, the police scramble out believing they’ve tracked the extortionist. Conte joins the other officers, straight to the address where they believe the suspect is staying at.

Conte and the others arrest their man, a protestor called Armando, but as overlapping narration from the Midas confirms – they really haven’t caught the right guy.

Midas were wise to the tracked money and unfortunately poisoned Armando’s milk, causing him to sputter blood in the police car and becoming another victim in this cruel game.

Conte is irate and demands everyone hand in their badges, believing there’s a mole in their ranks. Natalia tells him to go home but Conte is determined to press on. He asks for her ID and promises to prove to them all that he’s right.

Monica shows up at Victor’s house that evening and delivers the bad news. While people are dying, she’s not able to continue with their relationship. Heartbroken, Victor watches her leave outside as the riots continue out in the streets.

The Episode Review

As the plot thickens, it appears that whoever is behind this clearly has the Midas touch. They’re incredibly clever and Conte could be onto something with the mole inside the police ranks. It certainly w0uld make sense given how much they know about the case but it remains to be seen if that bears any weight at all.

The inclusion of the cyber team is a nice touch and this – admittedly rushed – romance is given some extra time as the pair head off to this party together.

We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for our characters next but clearly the Minions Of Midas will be ready to fight back.

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