The Minions of Midas – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of The Minions Of Midas begins with Victor trying to work out the origin of the letter he received while attending the board meeting about his dismissal. The voting is split and not conclusive meaning he’s allowed to stay on.

Minutes after this revelation, Detective Conte receives a message telling him to go to the Paseo Del Prado in 10 minutes. This location happens to be the sight of mass peaceful protests.

With a difficult decision to make, police vans arrive on the scene where things immediately turn violent while trying to disperse the crowds. With the whole world watching, the unthinkable happens and the police find one of the protestors dead on the ground.

In the morning, Victor returns to work and awkwardly thanks the others for their rapturous applause. Sabino knows he played dirty though while Enrique simply stares daggers at him.

With the established order returned for now, that evening Monica heads over to congratulate him but even she can sense something is up with Victor. In the middle of the night, she awakens to find him downstairs replaying footage from the protest over and over again on his computer.

In the morning, Victor attends a press conference talking about the integrity of the paper but struggles to get through his speech. He just amount manages though and stumbles out the doors for some air.

Monica races after him and sees her boss clutching his chest and struggling to keep it together. The protest is just too much to handle and it’s clear the stress is getting to him.

He’s not the only one struggling either. Conte comes under fire for his part to play in this operation at the police station. Given the operation was broadcast across mainstream news, the dead protestor doesn’t look good for the police. That evening he heads out and pays his respect to the fallen – listening as the passing cars shout about justice.

It’s clear that the Spanish Revolt is becoming more volatile, as more people die and riots become increasingly violent. Desperate to prevent this getting too out of hand, the police step up their investigation, becoming more urgent in their interrogations and trying to find out if anyone there that day knows anything.

Monica receives some bad news too when she finds out that Said has died in Syria. While she discusses this at work, Victor sifts through his CCTV footage and finds Gloria and Diego both talking together up on the rooftop.

Later that day, Victor receives another letter – this time handed to the waiter in a restaurant from a young man. It’s the Minions Of Midas again and as he steps outside while reading, a man falls from the roof, blood oozing down his face. Victor is shocked and as he reads the letter he’s given an ultimatum and a challenge – who will survive this fight?

Victor heads back to see Conte who admits that this death also looks like an accident. Victor remains convinced that it’s Diego as the one responsible. Conte is not so sure though.

Given the style of writing and this person’s knowledge of the police force, he thinks it’s someone closer to home. Unfortunately their conversation brings no leads… until Victor heads home.

Conte rings and tells him Diego never went to the doctors when he said he did. He actually visited Victor’s penthouse. He’s told not to say anything to his driver and heads home like normal, advised that squads are on their way to arrest him.

It’s all too much for Victor though, who confronts his driver and holds a golf club up to him. He questions Diego over exactly who the Midas are and starts beating him down, screaming for the truth.

Sobbing, Diego claims not to know. When police arrive and take him in for questioning, the truth is revealed. It turns out Diego has been using Victor’s penthouse to mess around in with videos taken playing golf and goofing around.

With Diego let go, Conte speaks to Victor and tells him he can’t do anything like that again. Deciding not to hide anything anymore, Victor heads over to Monica’s house and admits he has something to say.

As the episode closes out, Conte starts to despair and speaks to Natalia about the autopsy of the boy who died. It appears there may be evidence of a struggle but they can’t be sure right now.

They’ve got 5 deaths on their hands though and with 50 people on the case, they’re no closer to solving this. However, Conte comes up with an idea of paying the money to Midas anonymously and tracing the money. Perhaps that way they could prevent another death from occurring.

The Episode Review

As both Conte and Victor hit breaking point, this episode perfectly encapsulates the hopelessness both of these men are currently feeling. The investigation into Diego comes to a disappointing end and it’s clear that he’s not the one responsible. So who is?

This question grips the entirety of this 6 episode Spanish thriller and so far it’s done a pretty good job keeping the tension high. The interspersed news reports are a nice touch too and all of this feeds back into this bigger story of civil unrest in Spain.

It looks like more violence is on the horizon for our characters but can they weather the storm and come out the other side unscathed? We’ll have to wait and see.


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