The Minions of Midas – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Riots break out across Madrid targeting Banco Industrial as episode 2 of The Minions Of Midas Begins. The story breaking in the newspaper has been enough of a catalyst to push the protestors over the edge.

The board gather on the back of this and Victor is berated by Enrique for keeping “this dusty old thing” going over all these years. Having heard enough, Victor exerts his authority and tells them he’s in charge because he can think long term. For now at least, this power struggle is quelled.

The detectives, led by Conte, have 4 days to try and find the Minions Of Midas and stop another innocent victim from being killed. Although catching them should be a priority, it’s not the highest one. Their biggest priority is to make sure no one else dies as a consequence of this. Time is of the essence and the detectives remain focused on the job at hand.

Back at El Observador Nacional, Victor briefs the team on the main floor. The room falls to an expectant hush as he reads the prepared statement written by Banco Industrial. They’re going to launch an internal investigation but will remain on positive terms with the newspaper. It’s big news and a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak situation for them.

That evening, Victor and Monica head out together for drinks. There, they get to know one another better. Monica challenges him and asks why he published the story about Syria. After some back and forth, Victor asks if she wants a nightcap which she initially declines… until we cut to them sleeping together.

In the morning, Laura files for a divorce and tells Victor that if she can’t have his time – she wants his money. He doesn’t look too phased by this though and eventually signs after a quiet word with his lawyer. Things don’t go much better with Monica either, who rejects his advances at work and takes a taxi home.

Victor receives a lucrative offer from Jose who offers to buy the paper off him. She claims to know exactly what he’s going to do and this rubs Victor up the wrong way. Eventually he composes himself long enough to head out for lunch with him, begrudgingly promising to think this over.

Back at the station, Detective Conte starts going through all the people closest to Victor and seeing if there’s some sort of link between them. With a big whiteboard and lots of scribbles, for now it remains to be seen exactly who’s responsible.

While Victor does his best to try and get through to his son Marcos during their afternoon together, Monica is rattled as she realizes how deeply her affection for Victor is.

With the Midas deadline less than 24 hours away, Conte breaks the bad news to Victor. For now, he’s been unable to find the culprits or any possible lead for surrounding who the Midas may be.

In the morning, Victor receives the dreaded message from the Minions Of Midas. The police only have a matter of minutes to get to Lavapies Square but they race up in droves. The police rush to the scene but it’s too late – scaffolding falls and hits a young girl walking underneath, crushing and killing the girl instantly.

On the back of this, Victor contemplates whether to pay the money anonymously. While he does, the Detectives start investigating the construction company, desperately finding any clues that could link this to the Midas and not look like an accident – which is how it looks right now.

The investigative work continues and the officers spy Enrique and Sabino meeting in secret; the court conspiring against the King. The police decide against tipping off Victor for now though and continue to do recon work, watching all the people closest to him.

That includes Monica too, who greets Victor up on the rooftop where he hands over a brand new phone for her. He tells Monica he likes her but it’s obvious that their romance can’t continue given their roles at the newspaper.

Later that day, Conte briefs Victor on exactly what he’s doing and why he’s tailing the people closest to him. He asks about his driver Diego and whether he has keys to his penthouse. Apparently he went into Victor’s house at 4pm yesterday.

Conte tells him to make sure his bodyguard and driver don’t know about this investigation – essentially hinting that either of them could be involved in some way.

This piques Victor’s interest and he checks the camera footage back home. Lo and behold, he notices Diego heading into his house with a bag but leaving 25 minutes later. Following his route, Victor heads inside and rings Diego. It’s clear he doesn’t trust his driver now and asks outright why he was at his house.

This is in direct contradiction to what Conte asked him to do, and although Diego’s reply seemed solid enough, it may have been enough to put him on edge and remain guarded going forward.

Victor is very much on edge himself though, distrusting those closest to him and wondering if any of them are the Minions Of Midas.

The next day, Enrique greets Victor and promises that this board meeting he’s about to attend will be the last. Realizing that he’s been played, Victor immediately heads over to see Sabino and confronts him over this backstabbing.

It turns out Victor’s ego has been his downfall and the reason the board have decided to replace him. No amount of money will change that and it looks like the end of the road for our protagonist.

That evening, Monica heads over to see Victor. She’s heard about the firing and compliments him for his bravery surrounding the published story. After sleeping together,  Victor receives another envelope through the post in the morning.

It’s the Minions Of Midas again and they’ve got incriminating dirt against Enrique that could turn help keep him in his position at the top of El Observador Nacional. At least for the time being anyway.

The Episode Review

As The Minions Of Midas ramps up the tension, to counteract that we’re graced with a romance between Monica and Victor. Personally, this feels quite abrupt although to be fair it does work quite well in the context of the story.

The Minions Of Midas could be anyone at this point and it’s very difficult to point a finger at anyone this early in the game. Although Diego seems the most likely candidate, it remains to be seen whether that holds any weight or not.

Alongside that, the power plays and backstabbing at the newspaper are a nice inclusion, showing a political edge and reinforcing that Victor really is liked a cornered lion right now. Of course, when you corner a wild animal there’s always the danger that it’ll lash out in retaliation. Could we see this from Victor? We’ll have to wait and see!


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