Mine – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Sixth Sense

Episode 5 of Mine wastes absolutely no time this week, racing into the drama as Hi-Soo grabs Ja-Kyeong and tells her not to leave. Stepping into forbidden territory and one step closer to catastrophe (according to the narration anyway) the pair seal their fate. Ja-Kyeong will stay for the time being.

After, Hi-Soo visits Seo-Hyun with her concerns. Apparently she actually head-hunted Ja-Kyeong herself but Hi-Soo is suspicious of the tutor and believes she’s keeping secrets. Using her sixth sense, she’s convinced the girl is hiding her true intentions. Well, Seo-Hyun has done her research and clearly knows there’s inconsistencies with her story.

Hi-Soo heads off to visit her previous house, desperate to learn more about Ja-Kyeong’s past. Specifically, she speaks to Jang Hye-Yeong, the head maid. Ja-Kyeong was apparently abroad with the kids for five years and looked after them during that time. She then quit, leaving Hi-Soo to ponder the fact she spent little time in Korea.

Well, this sixth sense brings her to Mother Emma who thoughtfully ponders Ja-Kyeong’s truth. She encourages Hi-Soo to continue, telling her to keep searching for the truth.

Back home we cut to Ja-Kyeong who checks her emails and notices numerous thank yous from Mother Emma, addressed to Hye-Jin and encouraging them to meet.

When she logs off she finds Hi-Soo before her, confronting the woman. She slams the horse-shoe necklace down on the table too, questioning just what she’s doing and why her son had this. Well, Ja-Kyeong admits that she feels attached to Ha-Joon. She shrugs, claiming he’s lovable.

Although Yu-Yeon is allowed to stay in the mansion, she finds herself facing a fate worse than being fired; she watches Soo-Hyeok cozy up to A-Rim. Eventually she admits that she likes him later on, but questions the boy over his lavish lifestyle.

Yu-Yeon eventually tells him not to mind her, especially given he’s a 26 “young master” and clearly has no idea what she’s going through.

When she leaves, Seo-Hyun shows up and reminds him that she’s in control and he needs to stop being so foolish. When she heads back to work, Seo-Hyun’s icy facade is thawed slightly by the announcement that Suzy Choi is doing a meeting in Korea. As she checks the website, she contemplates whether to go or not.

That evening she invites Hi-Soo over and questions what she’s found out thus far with Ja-Kyeong. Seo-Hyun asks outright whether Hi-Soo suspects Ja-Kyeong is Ha-Joon’s real mother, as it seems we’re back to playing this guessing game again (why? We already know the answer to this!)

Hi-Soo is desperate for the truth and visits Soon-Hye to find out more. She puts her foot in it though, confirming she doesn’t know her location. This obviously indirectly confirms that his birth mother is still alive.

Soon-Hye refuses to divulge more though – or even show a picture to her. It turns out the evidence Hi-Soo seeks is actually in her safe but she rips a photo up and puts it in the bin to be sure.

She calls Butler Joo to get rid of it, but she too notices the ripped pictures at the bottom and it piques her interest.

Hi-Soo eventually sits down with Ji-Yong and confronts him about the necklace, especially as she noticed a picture of him wearing that very same necklace. Eventually he reveals that Ha-Joon’s birth mother is dead. To try and stop Hi-Soo’s questions, he drip-feeds that her name is Hye-Jin but quickly hugs her to dispel any further questioning.

Meanwhile, Yu-Yeon proves her loyalty and brings back the envelope full of money for her. However, Seo-Hyun sees it as a sign of disrespect and tells the maid to take the money and distance herself from Soo-Hyeok.

Well, scandalous news spreads thanks in part to Jin-Hee. That’s what everyone is led to believe anyway. The truth is it’s actually Ja-Kyeong’s doing.

Anyway the truth about Hi-Soo not being the legitimate mother for Ha-Joon is big news and Hi-Soo finds herself struggling and unable to face anyone for the time being.

Seo-Hyun finds herself on the hunt, desperate to learn who leaked the news. As the rain pours down, Yu-Yeon stands with Soo-Hyeok outside, telling him it’s okay if he wants to cry. Instead, he leans forward and starts kissing her.

As the episode closes out, Hi-Soo and the gang learn that Ha-Joon has gone missing.

The Episode Review

Ooo what a mystery, I wonder who Ha-Joon’s Mother is! Oh wait, we already know. I’m not quite sure why Mine is dragging this story line out when we already know the truth. It completely sucks any mystery out those scenes and worse, actually makes Hi-Soo’s storyline the least interesting part of this melodramatic ensemble.

That’s a real problem because right now it’s the dominant, driving force for this K-drama. Thankfully the murder mystery element is just about enough of a hook to keep things interesting.

Likewise, the rich/poor forbidden romance between Yu-Yeon and Soo-Hyeok is just starting to get interesting but it’s not given anywhere near enough time to actually develop organically so the scenes feel rushed. I’m not sure if it’s just me but there feels like absolutely no chemistry in that kissing at all.

Meanwhile, the other subplots in this K-drama just sort of meander on, puttering from episode to episode without much progression.

Hopefully this drama can pick it up soon but 5 episodes in, this is a pretty messy affair.. There’s definitely potential but it remains to be seen if the show will actually live up to that or not.

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5 thoughts on “Mine – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review”

  1. I’m kinda liking the show ….do agree that the real mom reveal is streaching a bit too much tho. Also how is the sister in law so suspicious and able to find out more than the heroine herself

  2. Hey Annie,

    Yeah the visuals are great and I’m a huge fan of Kim Seo-Hyung, I think she’s a really great actress. I do like the ideas that are being presented, especially the whole “money can’t buy happiness” theme that’s inherent in all the plot lines. (Jin-Ho scratching lottery tickets, Soon-Hye always eating and with her bird etc.) but it hasn’t been explored in much detail just yet.

    My problem I think stems from this Hi-Soo situation that just feels drawn out and is presented as a mystery… without an actual mystery since we know everything already. I did, however, enjoy episode 6 a lot more so I’m hoping next week’s episodes are going to keep that theme going.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

    -Greg W

  3. Greg: Aren’t you impressed at all by the visuals? Sometimes ya just gotta relax on the plot Lol But then, you’re a Brit (I looked you up.) As an American, I know when to just eat the candy. You are my go to person for reviews, actually. Ha-Joon’s dad seems to be a sociopath (i.e. smiling, watching the beating) kind of a juicy reveal, no?

  4. Hey Annie,

    Yeah I really want to like this drama and unfortunately eye candy can only go so far for me haha! It has some good characters but I just don’t understand why this birth Mother plot is such a big mystery. The show is dragging that plot line out and worse, the very next scene after Hi-Soo’s “I wonder who Ha-Joon’s Mother is?” monologue we skip across to Ja-Kyeong. I’m watching this wanting the plot to actually speed up a bit and I really hope they focus on some of the subplots more.

    Thanks for reading the recap, really appreciate the feedback!

    -Greg W

  5. I generally agree with your reviews, but 2 **? Apparently you are impervious to eye candy. You’re a better man than I.

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