Milly – Eternal Ring | Album Review

Track Listing

Stuck in the Middle
Ring True
The End


Milly is a band pushing the limits of sound. A melancholic act, they wholeheartedly know how to structure loud moments and their lyrics are centred around smoky rooms and bad decisions. And these words are monumental to the progression of this unique outfit, as they act like pillars, keeping them afloat above the rot. While this happens, the band knows hurt first and foremost; pain that stings even more so when winter hits and the world becomes a frosty bubble.

The music may sound calm at moments on Eternal Ring, but it does deliver the venom and a raucous output. Grunge even cuts in as a decisive genre, and those basslines will be approved by the grunge lovers, and Nirvana comes to mind when listening on, a band which obviously created this dirty, unconventional, but ground-breaking, movement, which carried so many people through trials and tribulations unscathed.

It’s not hard to fall in love with Milly and their sound. It connects on a new level, and those lyrics, as mentioned, are poetically advanced and they have the power to push the listener through avenues where everything isn’t pretty or even real, but it’s an experience like no other. And there is nothing half-hearted on this release, everything clicks into place like a puzzle which craves the last piece.

‘Illuminate’ starts the record. Grungy tones and powerful notes interlock. The subtle vocals do not elevate much, and the lyrics describe ripped pages and obscure pictures on the walls. ‘Marcy’ begins like a Nirvana song, deeply rooted in grunge influences and those drumbeats would inspire Dave Grohl to get back behind the kit – they’re that good. The simple riffs add dexterity too. Butterfly opens with subtle edges, and it doesn’t raise much in sound, but those guitar tones are significant. Again, these guys create epic, unorthodox chimes that will gain them recognition.

Milly has created a glorious sound with Eternal Ring, a sound which connects on a higher level, musically and emotionally.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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