Migi & Dali – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Water Flea’s Song

We’re in Episode 5 of Migi and Dali, and Hitori had previously topped the exam in the previous episode. As a consequence, Hitori and the Sonoyamas are invited to Ichijo’s home. Migi and Dali decide to split up in order to investigate the suspected involvement of the Ichijo family in their mother’s death.

While having a meal with the Sonoyamas, one of them distracts the Ichijo family by being present. However, the other one investigates the house. Eiji, however, begins to suspect Hitori of taking his pendant during the course of the meal. After he confesses, he is kept locked in a room of the house until he learns to be better.

Dali can be seen wandering around the house while Migi is locked up, looking for evidence of the drawing they made when their mother was still alive. The space where Migi is imprisoned happens to have a design. Consequently, he breaks down in tears.

Dali and Micchan sneak around the house when the Ichijo family is gone. They end up finding a secret room wherein there’s a small replica of the entire town with actual families in their separate homes. As they get closer to the truth, they hear approaching footsteps. The episode ends when Micchan tells Dali to hide in a box.

The Episode Review

After scoring highest on the exam, the Sonoyamas have been invited to the Ichijos’ peculiar home in episode 5. Dali seizes the moment and investigates the Ichijo home completely. Migi, however, is taken captive after falling into Eiji’s trap.

With its eerie undertone and high stakes, this episode is the finest of the series thus far. Additionally, the show also has an emotional punch to it, balancing things out well.

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