Migi & Dali – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Let’s Make Friends

Migi & Dali Episode 3 opens by giving up a glimpse of the past. In this episode, we learn more of Migi and Dali’s mother’s murder, expanding on the cliffhanger from the previous episode.

In the present timeline, the Sonoyamas suggest that Hitori socialize with a bunch of kids. So, Migi and Dali decide to use this to their advantage and track out the killer of their mum.

Migi and Dali are familiar with the house where their mother was murdered since they had doodled there and remember the designs on the walls. Consequently, they want to make their way into the homes of their peers in an effort to identify the murderer’s home.

Migi and Dali, disguised as one boy, Hitori, decide to get out with several other guys in an effort to broaden Hitori’s social circle. However, these boys are rather mean and won’t befriend them. Nevertheless, Akiyama develops a soft spot for Hitori and accepts his friendship request in the end. Following this, Hitori asks if he can come over to his home, and he graciously accepts.

While one stays with Akiyama to keep him company, the other investigates the home to determine if it is the one where their mother was murdered. Unfortunately, it isn’t the home, and they eventually leave.

Following that, they take cherry pie to Maruta’s home. The twins then apply the same method to determine whether or not their mother was murdered in Maruta’s home. Dali gets even with Maruta for mistreating Migi. Eventually though, they don’t find the clues they are looking for, and they leave.

The Episode Review

In episode 3, the cliffhanger of the previous episode is expanded upon. The murder of Migi and Dali’s mother is revealed. The twins have been looking for the murderer so they can get their revenge.

Similar to previous episodes, this one is fascinating and enjoyable to watch. As the show progresses, the stakes have been raised, given that we now know Migi and Dali’s end goal. It will be intriguing to watch where the show goes from here, given that Migi and Dali are working on tracking down the murderer.

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