Migi & Dali – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Welcome Party

In Migi & Dali Episode 2, Migi and Dali are still acting as though they are the same person. In spite of nearly being discovered, they are able to keep up their cover.

The Sonoyamas are throwing a surprise party to welcome Hitori, as we soon learn. Migi and Dali sense that the Sonoyamas are keeping something from them. Following that, they’re on high alert.

Later that day, the Sonoyamas leave to make some preparations for the party. Since Migi and Dali have no idea what is going on, they investigate every room in the house. They then discover Mrs. Sonoyama’s collection of wigs. Since she seems to have an appreciation for their hair, they worry that she could be attempting to take it.

Shortly after, the Sonoyamas return home. Migi and Dali then overhear them speaking about the welcome party. At the welcoming celebration, they conclude, the Sonoyamas will steal their hair. After this, Migi and Dali devise a scheme to reprimand the Sonoyamas.

Migi and Dali take turns playing Hitori during the party. When they finally decide to let loose on the Sonoyamas later that day, they find out that they’ve purchased Hitori a bike as a gift. As a consequence, they abort their plan.

Migi and Dali’s true motivation for staying with the Sonoyamas is revealed in the episode’s closing minutes. They leave their house at night to look for their mother.

The Episode Review

Migi and Dali are now considered full-fledged Sonoyama children. The twins see that their parents are behaving more distant than usual, despite their honest depiction of a parent and child relationship.

They begin searching the home covertly after suspecting the Sonoyamas of concealing something, and they find something they weren’t expecting.

Migi and Dali are taken aback and start to question if they are being tricked. Their desire is solid, though, and they put into action a plot to exact revenge on the Sonoyamas.

The premise of the show is intriguing, and the way it’s presented is excellent. Everything about the show, from the character designs to the opening, is top-notch.

We are also left wondering what is going on for the entirety of the episode. In this episode, the show exposes a key piece of information, and it will be fascinating to see where the story goes from here.

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