Migi & Dali – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Migi & Dali Episode 1 opens with an ageing couple visiting an adoption centre to adopt a kid. When they visit the children, they aren’t able to pick a child. However, as they walk away, the wind takes the lady’s bonnet away.

A teenage boy from the orphanage picks the headpiece for the lady. Then, she and her husband compliment the boy’s good looks. However, they make the decision not to select a child based on physical attractiveness.

The attractive youngster is seen again by the couple as they drive home, this time helping a puppy from the rain. This generous gesture of his solidified their decision to adopt the young kid.

The couple decides to help the youngster unpack when he arrives at their home. The couple gives in to his insistence that he unpack on his own, though.

The youngster begins to unpack a box as soon as the couple leaves the room. His identical twin then emerges from the box. The two of them work together to unpack, and their efficiency astounds the elderly man.

Soon after, we observe Migi and Dali, the twins, dividing up chores and rewards. They make a collective decision to play a part in winning over the Sonoyamas.

The elderly man expresses to his wife his desire to carry Hitori, and the twins overhear this. On the other hand, the elderly lady has expressed an interest in pie-making with Hitori. The identical twins then proceed to the next phase of their plan.

Initially, the twins together help the woman bake a cherry pie together, without her knowledge that the boy is actually two boys. As a consequence, the twins impress her.

Following this, the twins help the old man carry one of the twins without letting the old man feel any strain on his back. Since the old man’s wish was granted, he is also overjoyed.

At the end of the episode, the twins are seen planning in their bedroom. They talk about doing the tasks and then decide not to get overly confident about their accomplishments.

The Episode Review

In the initial episode, we meet Migi, Dali, and the Sonoyama family. The pilot does an excellent job of setting the stage and introducing the show’s unique premise. The idea of identical twins working together as a single entity, sharing duties and benefits, is masterfully executed.

The colour grading in this episode is stunning. The greyish shades of the show beautifully complement the mysterious, yet touching premise. Given that an elderly couple takes in the youngster, it’s also fitting that the palette leans towards shades of grey.

The episode makes us curious about the twins’ intentions. Additionally, the seriousness of the subject matter is well-balanced by the show’s rather light tone.


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