Midsummer Night (2024) – Episode 3 “Envy” Recap & Review


In episode 3, Hakan asks his sister about Johannes’ health, wondering if he’s sick or something. Hakan thinks Johannes might be acting strange because of an illness, but Carina assures him that’s not the case. She explains that Johannes isn’t the type to party or socialize much.

Meanwhile, at the party, Lysander and Darius chat about their lives, jobs, and other typical party topics. Darius works in real estate, while Lysander works in the cultural editor’s department at the municipal office.

Carina brings out her delicious strawberry cake, which Hakan claims tastes better than anything else in the world. Everyone takes a bite and agrees—it’s the best strawberry cake they’ve ever had.

Darius’s mother finds a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom and assumes it belongs to Hanne. But then Sarah walks in and confesses that the test is hers—she’s the one who’s pregnant. However, Sarah hasn’t told Hakan yet, and when he finds out, he gets uncomfortable.  Hakan doesn’t want kids ever, so he tells Sarah they can’t keep the baby, and we all know what that means.

As the episode unfolds, we notice Lysander looking grumpy, and we soon find out why. In reality, he has a benign brain tumor that could become terminal and cause severe brain damage. There’s an operation that could fix it, but it comes with a high risk of death. The doctor told Lysander there’s a 50-50 chance of survival. Maybe this is why Darius is at the party—to enjoy life while he still can.

On another front, Hanne is getting cold feet a month before her wedding, wondering if she’s truly ready. She’s also terrified of losing Darius if he finds out about her past mistakes—likely referring to her cheating. Hanne then sees Lysander and asks why he broke up with her.

Lysander gives the classic “it’s not you, it’s me” answer, saying Hanne wanted him to be someone he wasn’t. Later, during the party games, Helena accuses Hanne of cheating. When Carina tries to brush it off as just a game, Helena gets upset. She accuses Carina of always siding with Hanne, even when she’s wrong, and making everything about herself.

The Episode Review

So, why doesn’t Helena like Hanne? Well, the truth is, Helena knows that Hanne cheated on Darius, and it disgusts her. She was there the day Hanne met her Tinder date and accompanied him to the hotel room. Helena despises Hanne for keeping Darius in the dark, as he is an amazing man who would do anything for Hanne’s happiness.

From episode 3, it’s clear that the sisters, Hanne and Helena, aren’t very close and kind of dislike each other. Helena’s hatred for Hanne stems from her betrayal of Darius, a great man who only wants happiness and contentment for Hanne.

There’s also a chance that Helena might have feelings for Darius herself, judging by the way she looks at him. There seems to be something more in her heart for her sister’s fiancé.

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