Midsummer Night (2024) – Episode 2 “Lust” Recap & Review


As episode 2 of Midsummer Night unfolds, we can see the worry written all over Hanne’s face, and it’s understandable. Her mother invited her ex without even consulting her first. Now, her ex and current fling are sitting together. That’s a recipe for anyone to worry about!

Hanne apologizes to Darius for Lysander’s presence, but Darius reassures her, saying it’s fine and that he has no issues with her ex, enjoying the party nonetheless. When Darius steps away for a moment, Hanne confronts Lysander, questioning why he’s here. Lysander’s response is that Hanne’s mother invited him.

He then probes Hanne about her contentment in her relationship and whether she’s thinking about marrying Darius. These questions deeply upset Hanne, leading her to walk away, convinced that Lysander will never change.

At the dinner table, everyone is sharing their life stories and the treats they brought over drinks, but Hanne can’t help but remember the time she lied to Darius about going to see a film with his friends when she was actually meeting her Tinder date.

In the present, Johannes is fed up with the pretense and pushes Carina to share the truth she wants to reveal. Taking the hint, Carina stands up with a glass, thanking everyone for their love and support. She begins to praise Johannes for being an amazing husband for twenty years.

However, before Carina can get to the point, Darius’s mother chokes on her food, diverting everyone’s attention. Luckily, she’s saved, and no harm is done, but everyone completely forgets what Carina was trying to tell them.

As the episode goes on, everyone gets into the game and tries to have a good time, but Johannes is visibly uncomfortable, struggling to hide his true feelings. He refuses to join in any of the games. He’s not the only one feeling uneasy; Darius is also affected. He looks unsettled after seeing Hanne having a good time with her ex.

His smile fades as he recalls the time he caught Hanne cheating on him with a guy with long hair. It broke his heart; feeling like his world had been blown apart. That night, he poured his heart out to his parents about everything, but he never told Hanne that he knew about her infidelity.

The Episode Review

Yes, Hanne did cheat on Darius. But why didn’t Darius confront her about it? Was he scared of losing her, ashamed that someone he trusted would betray him, or perhaps he blamed himself? It’s possible that Darius will finally confront Hanne about the past at the midsummer party.

Whatever the case, the drama is sure to build.

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