MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Review – A mysterious tragedy that led to years of unresolved trauma

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Episode 1: The Pilot
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There are only a few mysteries in the world that have never been solved and the 2014 true crime case of the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 aircraft, MH370, is one such mystery. For those unaware, on March 8th 2014, a Malaysian plane carried 227 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China. However, it never made it to its destination and disappeared en-route.

This Netflix documentary details that mysterious disappearance and covers the different theories that came about after the incident took place.

The docu-series is a short watch with 3 episodes that detail everything that is known so far about the disappearance of the aircraft. Throughout the show, the people involved in the analysis of the tragedy discuss possible reasons for the disappearance of the aircraft.

Potential theories include a suicide pilot, a hijacking by Russian spies as well as the possibility of North Korea’s involvement in the disappearance. The show also details the reaction of some of the family members of the missing passengers who are still waiting for their kin to return after taking what was supposed to be a short international flight.

The documentary lacks detail as there is not much in the actual true-crime case to go on. The most emotional parts of the show though come from the interviews with those family members. As a viewer, your heart goes out to these family members of missing passengers who do not have any closure so many years after the tragic incident.

The show attempts to throw in different possible scenarios that may have taken place with the aircraft going missing, tying it loosely to another aircraft tragedy that happened years after MH370’s disappearance.

In this case, the aircraft was found along with its deceased passengers which highlights the misery of the next of kin who did not even get the opportunity to bury their loved ones and are still stuck in limbo over whether these guys and girls died in the accident. There is mention of potential aircraft parts being found in the Indian Ocean but this is still conjecture as most of the aircraft, as well as the alleged dead bodies of the passengers, have not been discovered.

It is natural for humans to expect a conclusion in order to move on from an event. However, just like for the family of the missing passengers, there is none to be had here. You go into the docuseries expecting answers but you are only met with potential theories about what researchers think may have happened that fateful day, 9 years ago.

The series ends with the family members stating that they are still looking for answers and will keep searching for their loved ones no matter how long it takes, making the incident even more heartbreaking.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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