‘Metal Lords’ Ending Explained: Do Kevin & Hunter win Battle Of The Bands?

Metal Lords Plot Synopsis

Metal Lords is a coming of age story about best friends Kevin (Jaeden Martell) and Hunter (Adrian Greensmith). Due to their love of heavy metal music, they are largely seen as outcasts in their high school, which is less of a problem for Hunter who seems quite accepting of his rebel status.

Kevin, however, is less of a rebel than his friend and he wants nothing more than to fit in with his peers. Hunter seems to hold him back in this regard but as the movie progresses, the two friends strengthen their bonding with one another when they prepare for the upcoming Battle Of the Bands competition. However, their friendship is later threatened when Emily (Ilsa Hainsworth), a promising musician herself, turns up and inadvertently disrupts their musical plans and their kinship.

On their journey, the two boys have to deal with school bullies and uninterested parents, as well as a competing band that could jeopardise their chances of winning the competition. Life isn’t easy for them but in true heavy metal fashion, they ‘stick it to the man’ and push forward anyway, doing their best to survive high school and become the band that lives up to the legendary status of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath et al.

Why Is The Battle Of The Bands Contest Important To Kevin And Hunter?

At high school, Kevin and Hunter see themselves as outcasts, and this is because the majority of the other students think of them as weirdos and misfits. Hunter seems to revel in this, on the surface at least, but underneath he struggles with self-confidence.

Kevin has confidence issues too and unlike Hunter, he wants to fit in with his peers. But due to his friendship and taste in music, the chances of him finding acceptance from others are slim.

However, the Battle Of the Bands competition is a means for them both to get what they want. Winning the contest is their way of finding acceptance and getting the recognition they both feel they deserve.

However, their chances of winning are jeopardised by the threat of other bands, Kevin’s relationship with Emily, and the School Principal who is less than happy about them taking part if they keep hold of their band name, ‘Skullfu**er.’

Why Does The Band Start To Fall Apart?

When Emily arrives on the scene, Kevin is distracted from his music. Understandably, Hunter isn’t happy about this and tensions start to rise between them. Hunter is seemingly more committed to the band than Kevin and this is proven when Kevin decides to abandon ‘Skullfu**er’ for his new girlfriend and the attention of a rival band, who have previously shown him acceptance.

Is This The End For ‘Skullfu**er’?

No. Hunter decides to enter the competition anyway and thankfully, doesn’t have to do it alone. Kevin decides to re-join him on the night of the contest so in traditional band movie fashion, the two are reunited just in time. After seeing Emily behave in a way that is fitting for a metalhead, Hunter decides to invite her to the band too. She accepts and the three teens prepare for their big moment.

But there is one problem: the School Principal. While the name of their band is perfect for a heavy metal group, it’s less-than-ideal for a school event. Thankfully, Emily comes to their rescue. She immediately heads to the art room and comes back to paint over the name that is causing a lot of offence. ‘Skullfu**er’ becomes ‘Skullflower’ and the band is finally given the opportunity to prove their worth on stage.

Does ‘Skullflower’ Win The Battle Of The Bands?

Their song ‘Machinery of Torment’ is a big hit with their audience so their chances of winning are quite high. However, Hunter loses his balance while performing and falls. Before he has a chance to get up, a heavy amplifier falls on his leg and fractures it. As their act is cut short, the chances of the band coming out on top is scuppered.

A few days later, the three are practising in Hunter’s basement and his father walks in to show them a newspaper article. This reveals the place they came in the competition: second!

While getting the silver medal is a good enough reward for the trio, they have won a lot more than this. The opportunity they had to play on stage has also given them the chance to win acceptance from their peers and this has done much for their self-confidence. Hunter earns recognition from his father too, which is something he had always longed for but never received.

So, while Skullflower didn’t win, it turns out they didn’t really need to anyway.


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