Metallic Rouge – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of Metallic Rouge starts with one of our female leads Naomi Orthmann sending her bird companion somewhere. Then, we get a brief overview of Mars. On Mars, we see people completing notable tasks. We shift to two seemingly important men interacting with each other about something. At Club Canal, our female protagonist Rouge Redstar watches her female co-workers perform for customers. Rogue heads backstage and assists one of the female workers with her dress.

We transition back to the incident involving the two mysterious men. The glasses-wearing gentleman (Fate Jaron) checks the briefcase and notices it’s full of concoctions. The other gentlemen and his group confront Jaron because he lied about his partner Malik’s condition. Realizing he’s in a bind, Jaron pulls out a deck of cards and plans to tussle with this man and his men. We shift back to Rouge, who is taking a nap on the job. A female (Ms. Sara) asks her to look after something for her.

We learn from Sara that Rouge is a new worker at Club Canal. A man bumps into Rouge, causing her to drop something important. A worker referred to as “Scar Head” hands Rouge her dropped items. After Rouge bids farewell to Sara, Naomi’s bird lands on her hand, indicating the two are working together. We cut to a conversation between a female and Scar Head. Scar Head notices his serum (Nectar) missing from his locker, so the female offers him hers.

Scar Head refuses the Nectar because he knows the woman will cease to function without it, which confirms these two are androids.  Two men laugh behind a corner, and we learn they’re the ones who stole Scar Head’s Nectar. The two men leave and Rouge arrives and eavesdrops on the woman and Scar Head’s conversation concerning the Nectar’s significance. We cut to two Club Canal male workers discussing Sara for a bit. They turn their attention to another male co-worker (Kevin) who injected himself with Nectar.

Kevin confirms androids like Scar Head are programmed with the “Asimov Code,” which prevents them from defying humans. After our gentlemen conclude their discussion, we see Rouge communicating with Naomi through her bird. They discuss Sara and a male executive named Herman for a bit. Then, Rouge injects herself with Nectar and Naomi tells her to keep a watchful eye on Sara. Before Naomi’s bird departs, she tells Rouge to meet her at the theater at noon.

On a rooftop, Naomi plans to inject herself with Nectar. Suddenly, a robotic individual (deemed a red Gladiator) arrives and chases her. Sara’s men shoot at the Gladiator, enticing it to flee. As Sara’s men assist her, Naomi’s bird lands somewhere and gets murdered by Jaron, causing Naomi minor pain. Then, a woman hands Sara a bouquet with an envelope attached to it. Sara opens the envelope and looks at a Joker card, which is identical to the one Jaron showcased earlier.

Meanwhile, Scar Head confronts Kevin and another individual about his Nectar. Scar Head malfunctions before the two. A crew arrives to dispose of Scar Head’s body and we see Naomi and Rouge observing the process. Rouge questions Naomi about her relation to her. Naomi confirms she was the one she was speaking to through the bird. The two visit a restaurant and Naomi properly introduces herself to Rouge and confirms the bird’s demise.

Rouge updates Naomi with intel surrounding Sara. She wonders if she’s Purgatory Viola. Naomi tells Rouge Sara is likely a Nean and one of the Immortal Nine. At a church, Sara meets and discusses Nectar-related matters with Jaron. Jaron reports the red Gladiator retrieved all the Nectar he tried to swipe and says if the mission was successful, Sara could’ve parted ways with their group (Alters). We learn the Gladiator is the Alters’s sworn enemy and is responsible for murdering Nius and Achillus, Jaron and Sara’s comrades.

Jaron tells Sarah a fellow Alters member named Silvia suspects Sarah leaked important intel, causing Jaron to fail the mission. Giallon doesn’t believe Silvia because the Gladiator attacked her. Giallon asks Sarah if anyone suspicious approached her and Sara recalls her first encounter with Rouge and suspects her. At the restaurant, Rouge notices a blimp in the sky, detailing news about the Gladiator. The reporter states the Gladiator has ties to Dr. Roy Junghardt’s (a Nean researcher) murder.

Then, Rouge encounters Sara and follows her to an undisclosed location. Sara confirms she’s Viola Keane and a different type of Nean compared to the ones Rouge’s familiar with. Before she strikes, the red Gladiator arrives, grabs Rouge, and tosses her somewhere. After careful deduction, Viola realizes the Gladiator’s Jaron and confronts him about his earlier actions. Viola believes Rouge’s innocent, but Jaron speculates she’s an Alethia agent.

He believes killing her is in their best interest. Rouge recovers from the attack and proceeds to pummel Jaron in her Gladiator form. Jaron departs. Viola transforms into a more formidable state and asks Rouge to properly introduce herself. The two clash and Naomi supports Rouge from the shadows. Rouge defeats Viola and departs the battleground with a mysterious orb in her hands. Elsewhere, Naomi hands Rouge a chocolate bar. Rouge asks Naomi where they’ll be heading next.

Naomi doesn’t give her a specific answer. The episode closes with the two wandering off somewhere. 

The Episode Review

Studio Bones, the studio responsible for classic works like Mob Psycho 100 and Soul Eater, has given fans an original sci-fi series to watch this season. Like previous productions, Metallic Rouge offers viewers a pleasant viewing experience from a visual perspective. From its futuristic cityscapes to its compelling attractions, sci-fi enthusiasts will adore what this world offers. 

Additionally, the android characters in this anime evoke a similar aura to those found in the recent Netflix sci-fi anime Pluto. From Scar Head’s conflict with Kevin to Rouge’s seemingly forgetful nature, Pluto fans may identify the same storytelling techniques at play in Metallic Rouge’s narrative. 

Regardless if Metallic Rouge is pulling a Buddy Daddies or not, it’s nice seeing similar concepts from Pluto crop up in this anime. While the episode delivers impressive imagery and tackles interesting themes, the story structure feels off. Essentially, viewers will feel Studio Bones placed them in the middle of Metallic Rouge’s plot rather than its start. 

Overall, this introductory chapter wasn’t solid. However, through proper build-up, Metallic Rouge can become a sci-fi anime that’s well-beloved in the community. We’ll have to wait and see on that front though. 


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