Memories Of The Alhambra Season 1 Episode 8 Impressions

Where Is Se-Ju?

After yesterday’s agonizing ending, I found myself searching for the iconic songs playing during some of the earlier episodes. The video above is the beautifully sung “Is You” by Ailee and helps give a bit of a recap for what’s happened between our two lead characters up to this point. It’s absolutely worth checking out too and what a wonderful vocal range this young lady possesses.

Memories Of The Alhambra picks up where it left off for an hour of revelations, hidden truths and a glimpse at what’s to come for the future of this Korean drama. Se-Ju’s disappearance becomes much more of a focal point this time around as we learn of his partner Marco and crucial clues leading up to Hee-Joo’s brother disappearing on board the train. All of this builds toward another shocking ending, one that reveals some big clues around what happened to Se-Ju and where the show is headed next.

Speaking of which, we begin with a 10 minute segment involving Se-Ju himself. We see parts of the creation process of the game before learning of his partner, Marco, and their relationship as game designers. After some corporate ping-pong with Jin Woo and Hyung-Seok’s companies, it soon becomes apparent that there’s more at stake here than the future of the game. It’s at this point where we skip forward to the important confrontation between Jin Woo and Hee-Joo during those final precious moments yesterday. Jin Woo spills details about what he’s been doing for the past year before disappearing again, leaving Hee-Joo heartbroken and distraught, more determined than ever to find what happened to her brother.

While this is ongoing, several other subplots begin to surface and pose some very intriguing and equally dangerous obstacles for Jin Woo to overcome. The Professor cunningly moves on the CEO position, sensing Jin Woo may not be in the right frame of mind to lead the company forward. Hee-Joo spills details of her conversation with Jin Woo to best friend Sang-Bum which inevitably leads to her friend determined to leak the information to the press. All of this while Jin Woo himself deals with his deranged wife Yu-Ra. Thankfully, a surprise package courtesy of some handy investigative work should keep her at bay, at least for a while.

Now, it’s worth mentioning at this point that the preview for next week’s episode does reveal a few pretty big plot reveals. For spoiler purposes I won’t divulge them here. For those (like me) who don’t like to know what’s going to happen going forward, as soon as the screen fades to the credits, do yourself a favour and turn it off. The spoilers are a little disappointing and if there’s one fault with the episode it would be this. The last 15 seconds of a 65 minute episode.

Every week I sit down to watch Memories Of The Alhambra I keep expecting the writers to slip up and reveal some massive plot hole. Every week I’m proven wrong in the best possible way. The story is so intricately layered, so meticulously crafted and planned out it actually puts a lot of Western dramas to shame. There’s little to no plot holes and the ones that have cropped up over the weeks have quickly been quelled by some offhand remark or revelation. It’s something that really highlights the excellent writing in the show and part of the reason why Memories Of The Alhambra works as well as it does.

The augmented reality segments are equally as impressive too, revealing how allied partnerships work in-game and ending with Jin-Woo receiving a special in-game item during the final scenes of the episode. There’s glimmers of romance again between Jin Woo and Hee-Joo with one beautifully tender moment between the two a really welcome inclusion. These faint whispers of romance really help to foreshadow what’s to (hopefully) come between our two lead characters. Se-Ju remains the biggest concern though and going forward Memories Of The Alhambra looks like it’s about to take a dark turn. I for one cannot wait and will be eagerly awaiting next week’s episode.


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3 thoughts on “Memories Of The Alhambra Season 1 Episode 8 Impressions”

  1. arclou, I really like the way you explained the deeper layers of emotions and thoughts of these two leads. I agree with you totally. This show is able to bring out the inner thoughts of the leads not just through their lines, but through their eyes. Love this show. Hope to see more surprises as the story unfold.

  2. For once I find someone profound enough to deliver an intellectual and logical assessment of this drama.

    I get exasperated whenever some people keep asking, where is the romance? As if romance is the only key to a spectacular drama. I have always been critical of cliche and commonplace plots, thus this drama surpassed my expectations in almost all aspects of film making.
    Plot, cinematography, screenplay, music (Official Sound Tracks), costume design, phasing, sights and locations, plus superb actors.
    -In my opinion:
    The build up of romance was just nicely done. What do they want kiss, a hug? cheesy and too mundane.

    -Some say she fell too easily?
    Her falling for him first is understandable, he is very charismatic afterall, imagine yourself approached by a hero-like figure offering to dig you out of the doldrums of a miserable life? Of course added to the fact that the male lead is oozing with testosterone? Dimples to die for? I would fall and hard. Who wouldn’t.

    What woman will not succumb to a CEO with stellar reputation and qualifications, seemingly arrogant and self-assured but begging you to stay, showing the weakest point of his life, relying heavily on your nurturing instinct and uttering the most heart-melting (minju’s words) dialogue? wallahhh!!! Perfect recipe to being head-over heels.

    As for him I would say it developed from grudging respect at her tenacity and endurance when he learned what she went thru to shoulder her family at a very young age. To add further, she can rattle him with her barrage of words when she is truly mad. No holds barred. Besides, she was miraculously a buffer to a specter unknowingly saving his life and the fact that she stayed with him with unselfish devotion in caring for him.

    Her family embraced him into their fold treated him like a family member without asking for anything in return. Being a CEO to a large company he is used to greedy and envious surrounding him. This for him is another world. He is used to deceit, lies and underground work to survive his top position.

    But he is thrown out of the loop suddenly, encountering a series of baffling mysteries and life threatening experiences. So falling in love should have been the last thing on his mind.

    And take into consideration that he is still technically married to a trashy one at that, whom he run away from at every opportunity.

    But still he obviously FELL AND HARD. Despite saying that he at the moment doesn’t like women. And that marriage sucks.

    Again, still grudgingly admitted to her that HE MISSED HER. And planned to atone for his lies by using SeJu as his ticket to be forgiven…

    So who said it was a SLOW ROMANCE???

    With everything going on including a murderous none-entity, the progress of the romance I say is VERY TIMELY.

    What more do they WANT??!!!

    Electricity sparkles whenever the stare at each other, and I am happy to note that this was outstandingly portrayed. You could almost believe that they are really falling for each other.

    Hyun Bin uses minimum body language in these poignant scenes but his eyes are so expressive no language is necessary. His action scenes they are smooth well choreographed and believable. In this genre he is a natural. He switches expressions, stance and bearing as if it is nothing. Truly a magnificent actor.

    Park Shin Hye at the start in my opinion was trying to find herself, she was hesitant almost shy. Her crying scene during the first episode for me left much to be desired, I said it was almost superficial and unnatural. And I commented that I hope she can milk more emotions in the succeeding episodes. But I love that she can deliver a barrage of lines like a machine gun..
    Well in the later episodes she delivered heart rending versions of her crying scenes. I admire her as an actress but for me, her real emotions need to be explored more. She uses her eyes well but somehow her physical expressions are a bit awkward. Reminds me of her penguin walk in YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL> She has to have more exposures displaying her acting prowess because I don’t agree to her detractors saying that she can’t act. I have seen TREE OF HEAVEN and she was only 16 at that time. It was a magnificent performance I was utterly impressed.

    I am now eagerly waiting for more answers to some questions as yet to be concluded. Specially the presence of the “specter”, and why it keeps appearing even without the aid of the lenses.

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