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Mission Complete?

After last week’s climactic episode we return to Memories Of The Alhambra right in the thick of the action. Yu-Ra’s plan is shown in full, Jin Woo finally completes his mission and we see some pretty dramatic plot developments that help move the story along.  With three episodes to go, we’re in the end game now and as the pieces begin to move a little faster, a few plot inconsistencies and an ever-growing number of questions seem to be cropping up. Still, the 14th episode moves things along at a decent pace and with an abundance of action and tense drama throughout, Memories Of The Alhambra looks set for a photo finish.

We begin with a look at Go Yu-Ra and her scheme to establish herself as the biggest pain in the backside. After drinking herself into an inebriated rage, Yu-Ra heads to the police station to make her statement. Pushing back her drunken slur to at least act genuine on the surface, she tells the police Jin Woo strangled Hyung-Seok to death and is responsible for killing his trusted friend Jung-Hoon. This leads up to the police’s crusade to catch him and it’s here where we skip back to Jin Woo as he goes on the run from the authorities. Between evading high leveled enemies and the police themselves, Jin Woo finds himself held up in a department store, locked in a changing room.

It’s at this point where Hee-Joo comes back into the mix, meeting up with Jin Woo after traveling across the city to find him. He once again pleads with her to log out the game before something bad happens. We’re then introduced to a nifty little tool; a watch that can freeze time. Ignoring the obvious questions around just why this hasn’t been used before in the show, Jin Woo uses its functions to escape the shop and subsequently dispatch of the soldiers inside the shop. Hee Joo and Jin Woo then part ways one final time as our protagonist focuses on reaching level 100 and completing Se-Ju’s quest. Without giving too much away, we’ll have to wait and see the true extent of Jin Woo’s fate after a final confrontation with Emma but we do get one final hoorah to finish the show, leavings things hanging on a very big cliffhanger.

There’s a little more urgency to Memories Of The Alhambra now and with the pace increasing, the story does leave the door open for some critiques. At this point in the game I’ve come to accept the level of flashbacks included in each episode but at times this does feel a little overbearing. For the most part though these are minor quibbles although it seems like we’re in for a bit of a nail-biting finish given the wealth of questions still hanging over the series with 2 episodes left.

One way or another, we learn the answer to the one question that’s been haunting the show since the first episode – what’s become of Se-Ju. After all this time we finally get an answer to this and the result is every bit as shocking as you may expect. Still, as we’re told very late on in the show, there’s only one story left to tell and we’re into the home stretch now going into next week’s finale. Just what these final two episodes hold for us is anyone’s guess but based on how this one ends, it looks to be every bit as action packed and full of drama as you may expect.


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